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So while not instantly a useable card (basically just a tendo ice bridge parallel, maybe slightly better) I think this card has the potential to be a staple if we get energy cards that are worth while, or cards with Energy as mana costs which seems like it could be a next set thing.

As it is right now, not much of the energy stuff has real vintage application, just not costed well enough. Tendo does not see any play in vintage at all right? In any event I'm going to keep my eye on this one.

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I get that energy counters could become a relevant thing, but it's basically a tendo ice bridge (which sees no play in vintage)

I could see this POSSIBLY in a white eldrazi deck. Possibly. Having a land that can tap for colored mana for the white part of eldrazi or colorless mana for the eldrazi part of eldrazi would be nice. Buts its a 1-use color activation which means it most likely wont see play in vintage.

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It turns on reflecting pool. If that counts for anything.

Energy counters, I predict, will have as much staying power as Clues, and those let you draw cards and give you permanents to sac, tap, etc.

The flavor of this set (energy counters, artifacts, etc) is reminding me of this thing I was contemplating a while back. Kind of like a more flexible Tron?

T: Add (C) to your mana pool if you control a card named Resistor or a card named Capacitor.
T: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool if you control a card named Resistor and a card named Capacitor.

Repeat for the other two...

Dongus's Power Supply
Legendary Artifact
T: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool
Cards named Resistor, Transistor, and Capacitor gain "T: add (C)(C) to your mana pool".

Kind of a non-sequiter, but I wish they had gone in this direction of "building a machine" for mana instead of arbitrary counters that will probably never show up again and aren't interesting other than from a flavor perspective.

I mean, If we do get cards with energy costs as part of the casting cost, and honestly considering they made a symbol for energy that seems pretty likely to me, this becomes a 1 time sol land that then just turns into a mana rock. That seems at least of note to me.

Nintendo ice bridge is a better name.

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