Revenge of the Living Dead [Free Article]

I wrote a short article on Pitch Dredge in the Power 9 Challenge and VSL Finals. It's available here:


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Short, but sweet. Congratulations on the good finish!

How does Kolaghan being a black creature help against Sphere of Resistance effects?

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@boerma Spheres generally mean you aren't going to Dread Return anything, in which case FKZ is blank and DK is blank but Ichorid fodder (which matters vs Shops)

Nice Article and great result AJ.
I was experimenting with 2 Pharaoh back then and Strip Mine instead of LoA. Unfortunately it was right before my break so I didn't played relevant number of games and Eldrazi was just fresh thing in format. I will do my best to test and play some variant of Pitch Dredge in upcoming period.

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