@Dumpsterac1d yeah i really like Ice Age as well, especially the swamp.

@mickey-nobilis i like the artwork of the forest you have posted. Very unique! I am not a big fan of white boarderd lands if i can avoid them though.

@thecravenone wow those plains! I totally forgot about those, i think i might have one of them lying around in a box somewhere. That is probably the coolest plains artwork i have ever seen. I remembered the swamp catching my eye as well, the artwork is really unique, i like the symmetry. I would probably consider playing those if they where available in the old border. The forest artwork is one of my favorites as well.

@The-Atog-Lord That is a fine selection. I especially like the Uluru Plains and the japanese inspired Swamp and Island.

@5space i didnt even now about the panorama plains! cool stuff. The Urza's Saga island is one my favorites for a long time as well. I always like eerie and silent looking swamps.

People shit on new art a lot but the basics from Kaladesh are pretty great. [Link]

A couple of my favorites:

i feel lik that plains has tabernacle way off in the distance. @thecravenone

The APAC Japan Island is definitely super sweet. Not a big fan of the swamp though. A lot of people seem to dig it but to me it just doesn't look very swampy.

@snowydude said:

i feel lik that plains has tabernacle way off in the distance. @thecravenone

seems like a great proxy, then.

don't foget guru island and APAC land 2 (VENICE)...
i don't manage to link the jpg sorry.

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Switched over to these on MTGO (have to say "switch" because of the interface changes which stack ALL lands in some arbitrary order regardless of set or artwork, ugliest in front [natch]). Huge fan of the Tempest-era look/feel of the game.

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

@dumpsterac1d my ultimate goal is to get Korean Tempest basics for my Commander decks.

@dumpsterac1d i really love Plains, great memorable Artwork.


I have a signed print of this one. cravenone posted the other Avon Onslaught forest which is also excellent.

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