The Gitrog Monster, thoughts and idea's.

This guy seems pretty cool and I'd love to hear everyone's ideas and first impressions.

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@nartman99 thanks, was not sure how to post a picture.

Seems interesting with life from the loam, probably a fun commander.

@Gumgod he seems awfully sweet with wastelands too.

Milling your deck in a single turn seems fun but he probably costs too much for vintage-related things.

It doesn't work with oath that way. It says one or more so if a ton of lands go in at once you only get one trigger.

He mills your entire deck if you keep hitting dredgers. Then again, so does Griselbrand, and I'm assuming this card is just as hard to get into play for that deck.

@Lodestone said:

It doesn't work with oath that way. It says one or more so if a ton of lands go in at once you only get one trigger.

My thought was in Dredge, not in Oath. So you could dredge something, hit a land, dredge off that draw trigger, etc.

@Leoj may be good in a life from the loam dredge deck. On the slower side but more resilient.

alt text + alt text + alt text = profit?

Name the deck: Dogs and frogs.

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Let's ask ourselves this:

  1. Why would you ever want to Oath this card up when cards like Griselbrand, Tidespout Tyrant, or Rune-Scarred Demon exist? These cards all have effects that are/can be activated immediately that have a much potentially game-ending effect than this.

  2. Why would you ever want to Dread Return this card in Dredge? When you cast Dread Return, I should just be dead. period. this card is only slightly better than Squire to Dread Return.

  3. Is there really ever a reason to play this when you can play Spirit Monger?

Now, it may be playable in Legacy Lands as a 5 Casting Cost finisher, but overall, I'd be shocked if this card is playable.

The reason you can consider Oath is that it is also castable without Oath in a pinch (just like how Salvagers was used in an Oath shell). However, at that point we have Salvagers. You'll have to consider why the ability to hardcast this would be good while keeping the option to Oath.

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@Soly this guy may fit right into a bug land still deck as a finisher. Wastelands, crucibles, life from the loam. Might be good in the Grindy control style.

@Gumgod this sounds awesome lol!

Nobody's doubting the power of those cards in oath. But this is actually reasonably castable and gives a lot of value. Not saying it's better than other options, but it's still a sweet card.

@Lodestone I'm not convinced that it's a good finisher. I'd rather just play things with Flash in a Landstill Shell. Vendilion Clique and Snapcaster.

You don't need a big flashy guy to get cast. If it was BUG Landstill, I'd rather have Prophit of Cruphix since he at least untaps my lands (attack with manlands and still be able to cast counters etc) and it is pitchable to Force of Will.

@Lodestone that's a good point about some kind of BUG control/landstill type deck. After all, this is the same format where Rich Shay is casting Dragonlords and OGW Chandra. 😛

And I'm too slow, as usual. But whatever. RIBBIT.

I'm not saying this is the end all be all new tech @Soly but I think it could be worth exploring as it is a new style of creature that could enter vintage.

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