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It's a sorcery, requires double bblack and a sacrifice as additional cost, but I'm always interested in card that can draw more than their cost.

The first thing that comes to mind is Tasigur (and Gurmag Angler). Those are more Legacy cards, and I don't know if trading a threat like that for cards is good.

Maybe Shops could splash black and play with Urborgs? Hahaha

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This will never see play in Vintage. Painful Truths takes less to be good and it's not good enough most of the time.

Totally saccing a blightsteel to this. Turn 1 Tinker blight, dark ritual, this, draw 12. Golden.

If I could sacrifice Bargain to it, I might consider it. But if I have Bargain out, I am winning the game. I am not sure if there are any permanents that I would want to sacrifice for this cost/effect.

1BB: Destroy target Mana Crypt you control

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Yeah, I know. I posted this just in case there's some interaction I didn't see. Cards that draw X cards are always good to keep a radar on.

It's an excuse to try to build with Scuttling Doom Engine. You know you want to. It's a shame that it is a sorcery.

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Also doesn't seem terrible with Trike or a Tangle Wire that has zero counters, except that it would be really hard to cast in those decks.

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