No thanks, Eldrazi

I think the textbox speaks for itself. It can do so many things you want in vintage all for 1 mana.

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Nice thing that they actually make answers for Eldrazi, but this is too weak or narrow. It should be "Counter target colorless Eldrazi or artifact spell" and cost 1 blue phyrexian mana.

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@JuzamJim do realise that almost all artifacts are colorless, right?

@Water0 said:

@JuzamJim do realise that almost all artifacts are colorless, right?

Ah sorry, I misread it as colorless Eldrazi spell for some reason. Then it will definitely see play. I still think it should cost 1 phyrexian mana instead though.

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Is this better than Steel Sabotage? Against Eldrazi, absolutely. Against Workshops with TKS? Maybe, probably, it's hard to say. The thing about Steel Sab is you can use it to bounce something. After all, you're not always going to have your answer right when something is on the stack. The fact that this is one of the few things that hits Eldrazi and Workshops cards means that this has a good shot at being playable.

Shops gonna have to start running painters servant because these are going to be everywhere.

i like this card a lot. I was struggling to find an answer that handles eldrazi and artifacts at the same time since workshops began to play eldrazi and elrazi decks played thorn effects. Im glad cards like this get printed.

Oh damn, even Annul has given up on Oath of Druids in favor of Eldrazi.

@Evoclipse I think that was exactly what Wizards was thinking. They want a card that works against new artifacts from Kaladesh, and they also want something that works against the cards from BFZ and EMN. It just happens that it also works perfectly for vintage.

I'm not buying the usefulness of this card.

It is of course dead if your opponent has Cavern. In the case where Cavern is least likely, on turn 1 when the opponent rushes the Eldrazi out with artifact acceleration, you don't have the mana to pay for Ceremonius Rejection.

Seems to me just a more limited Steel Sabotage vs Shops, with dubious value vs Eldrazi. If it exiled instead of countered, that would be a different story.

@evouga I still think it's better than Steel Sabotage. I guess bouncing a blightsteel is important, but snagging a Thought Knot is pretty huge. But even if people do use this, it's not going to be a four of type of card. You might have room for one or two in a sideboard, it's hard to say.

Maybe it is worse than I'm thinking... You'd kind of want four because the card is best on turn one, but you also don't want four because you can't possibly hope to trade one for one against Shops (or any deck) for that long. If you're only able to run one, it might get a lot worse. My thinking is that it's pretty sweet on the play early in the game, and there's a window where I'd rather use this than trade two for one with a force.

@Islandswamp The major problem here is Cavern of Souls, but you can cover that by playing Wasteland. Usually Wasteland and blue aren't the most popular combo (at least in this format), but maybe you sideboard in Wasteland and this card.

Really good card in modern vs affinity and tron.

Probably not good enough for vintage but a respectable printing.

Anyone who says this is 'probably not good enough for vintage' is clearly mistaken. Not being able to bounce something isn't nearly as big because Blightsteel isn't as big an issue. I'd trade Sabotage's bounce for this card's 'fuck Eldrazi' ANY day.

I'll have 3, if not 4 in my sideboard at Eternal Weekend. May even find one in the maindeck.

I really think this card makes Fish style decks, even Merfolk better, now that it has a solid way to fight Eldrazi between four Dismember and four of these.

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@msg67183 where would you get such a thought 😛

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@msg67183 where would you get such a thought 😛

Some guy I know that is usually really good at Vintage-Ing 😛

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