I'm not sure if this is what Ravager shops needs right now, but it looks so sweet. It has the body of Lodestone Golem (and keywords!) but only gets to attack once for free and has no taxing effect. I don't think most people will mind tapping their Revokers to hop into this thing to bash for 5, however.

This card will probably be getting some action in the upcoming months testing.

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Don't know about the text, but the card frame looks sweet.

This is an upgrade to Slash Panther.

Interestingly, it also gets around oath of Druids by itself and it requires dack fayden to also have creatures in play to use effectly.

It also interacts well with Karn.

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Nothing they can do will make us forget you, poor Lodestone golem ! kidding

More seriously, haste and trample make it to be very good against Dack Fayden which was quite an auto-loose most of the time. If it ever get played often enough, blue players will get more cautious when playing their planeswalkers which can buy us some time.

The main drawback i see is that they only need to deal with the said revoker (or whatever) and we have a 4cc card that will do exactly nothing then.

However there can be some fun stuff to do with welder.

Not yet sold on it, but i like its mood and can't help but imagine a revoker going for a ride in a race car.

mishra's factory taps to activate this as well

@gkraigher yes i know for factory (but it costs 2 manas : one to activate it and the one mishra could have produced). My point was that sometimes it is difficult to stick more than one creature on the board so it is some kind of card disadvantage if you get there. Bassically, i would see it as some kind of huge lightning bolt for cc4 and if you can get more from it, it is some bonus.


In a sense, it gives your Revokers haste. While preventing them from dying in an attack.

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@gkraigher yes, you are right. Maybe the best way to see it is as some kind of equipment.

The crew mechanic screams Myr / Affinity ...

Karn turnes your spheres/tangle wire into 1 mana activations to attack and this has really amazing welder interaction.

I'm not sure if this is against the rules somehow, but I made this the day of the post and thought you guys might appreciate it: http://imgur.com/hSWxFPL

The fact it can attack the time it comes into play is a huge boon. Having to tap 2 power creature (or more) is really annoying. A removal on the revoker means this card does nothing. (not nothing, but fairly unimpressive).

I'll be surprised to see this card having consistent play, even in affinity.

Is this really better than panther? Dependent on having other threats, easier casting cost, still dies to bolt.

Because what Magic was missing was CARS.

Players: "Vintage is pretty sweet. But you know what sucks? I can't act out my New Phyrexia / Star Wars crissover fan fic where a phyrexian evoker wins the drag race in a sweet pod."

MARO: "guess what"

@MaximumCDawg You have to admit this is a pretty sweet deck name though and helps you interface with the rest of the world.

Office colleague: "What did you do this past weekend?"
Me: "Oh, I raced some Vintage Cars. After hours in the Workshop, I've really got them tuned now."
OC: "That's so cool!"

@BazaarOfBaghdad I'm waiting for Mishra's Dragster (or whatever they wanna call it) in un 3.

I wonder if Skysovereign isn't better than this. It's a pseudo-Inferno Titan and dodges Moat.

alt text

It takes 1 more crew cost, but that is almost irrelevant in Eldrazi, for example. It's also play removal if you don't have the creature. Granted, 5 mana removal, but you know what I mean.

@fsecco Does not have haste - so much weaker against Dack.

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@spook ETB deal 3 is basically haste

@ajfirecracker Deal 3.. to their planeswalker? It doesn't say player on there anywhere.

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