Vintage 101: Zombies, Hermits, and Eldrazi!

Joseph takes a look at Vintage Dredge and shares some results from Down Under!

For Vengeful Pharaoh, you were spot on but there's one piece of analysis I would add. Normally the drawback to Vengeful Pharaoh is that you have to "lose" a card draw for every creature you kill. In my deck, you lose functionally as little as 1/6 of a card draw (dredgeing the Pharaoh back with Troll). This massively shifts the value of the card compared to a fair deck, even if your Bazaar has been Wasteland'ed

Anyway, I thought it was a very nice article. I'm certainly happy to see my deck promoted, and I think highlighting some of the powerless Eldrazi and Hermit Druid builds was really cool

(Edited to remove discussion about the creation of Pitch Dredge)

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@ajfirecracker thank you very much.
I was actually sick Sunday through Tuesday night, which are the nights that I do my writing. I was close to just not doing an article this week, but I soldiered on. I was worried that it was too short.
I'd like to get back to writing longer articles that tackle decks more thoroughly, but time and deadlines have made that difficult.
And I linked Adam's article because I liked it, and I like to help promote other vintage writers.

Yeah I'm also Adam... I badly misread that. Sorry.

I thought you were referencing the article then didn't see the link and got confused

@ajfirecracker No problem. I'm just glad I had non-Gush decks to write about this week.

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