8/28/16 - [Houston, TX] - Bifortnightly 100% Proxy Vintage at Asgard Games

The Texans played this Sunday, so we only managed seven this time around. An eighth called and said he was on his way but never appeared. The standard for <=8 players is three rounds but at the beginning of the third round, we all agreed that we'd rather play more vintage, so we switched to four rounds.

Two players made the trip from Dallas to attend our modest tournament. We also maintained our record of having one new-to-vintage player at each event - this time one of our regular's significant other.

Standings after Swiss:
1 Ben - Oath - 12 pts
2 Sam (me) - Two Card Monte - 9 pts
3 Rose - Eldrazi Shops - 9 pts
4 Patrick - White Trash - 6 pts
5 Greg - UGr Infect - 6 pts
6 John - White Trash - 3 pts
7 Tim - Gush Mentor - 3 pts

We split to top 4 and the final stands were:
1 Sam (me)
2 Ben
3/4 Rose/Patrick

Thanks to everybody for coming out. Be sure to tell your friends to come play Magic's best format with zero cost cards! Dallas peeps - next time you come down, let me know in advance and we can plan an after-games dinner. Also, Greg, PM me about that Workshop you wanted!

Thanks again for organizing Sam - this was a blast and I know Rose had a lot of fun as well in her first vintage event.

I'm thinking of trying this same thing locally. I love paper vintage.

@Islandswamp You should! If I remember correctly I was playing you on MTGO before heading to this event.

@aniso oh yeah, I think I remember that. That's awesome.
I really feel like the only thing holding Vintage back is card availability and the relatively small amount of promotion it gets.
When I started writing about Vintage, I realized nobody was writing about it weekly, so I just figured I'd do it.
I get a lot of people coming up to me to tell me they decided to buy into Vintage after reading my stuff. That's the outcome I've hoped for!

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