Vintage Deckbuilders' Checklist

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I invite all to check out the card database I've composed of all Vintage playables - sorted by function, card type, cost, color, a subjective rating system, etc. , and with very brief card comments in each; all from a deckbuilder's perspective. It's in Google [Spread]Sheets format so you have to navigate it using the tabs at the top. For now, ignore any cardtagging ([/card]) mechanisms that you see as that functionality may come into play at a later date. I've had a couple of Vintage players preview it and offer suggestions, and each one has told me that this work is an incredible resource. I personally think it might be the best Vintage resource ever - at least, I've already used it a ton in my own deckbuilding/tweaking.

Vintage experts will likely want to mostly check out the disruption page when tweaking their decks as this quickly lays out all the viable options.

Feel free to download this work to Excel or your own private Sheets page to modify however you may want.

This was the labor of love over 150 hours this past summer. The article was finished basically three weeks ago, but it was hard to find a publisher, given the spreadsheet format. I merely mention that to ask you to please forgive any metagame comments that have since staled. If anyone has any better publishing ideas, I can easily turn this off and host this longterm on your preferred site.

I hope you all can enjoy and profit from it, especially as a vastly new metagame emerges with Conspiracy 2. BoB

This is more than sweet, it is invaluable for aspiring vintage players and veterans alike! thank you so much for having undergone this task!

This is fantastic - as a new player I can't thank you enough. The list alone is great but the additional comments are the true icing here.

This is great. I love your commentary. I'm going to hype this a bunch.

Thank you!

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