Margin during Post Composition

Most of the new layout is great. Awesome.

One note. When I compose a message, I do so at the bottom of my screen. As I type more, I can't see the very bottom of the message I am typing. I'm on a 15" MacBook. Is there any way to add a buffer to the bottom of the screen, so I can see what I'm typing as I compose a new post?

This happened to me too. I had to compose my post in an editor and then copy and paste it. Inconvenient.

Happens on phones as well; at least my iPhone. Didn't have any problems on my work PC however.

So there's a little circular knob with an arrow in it on the upper left of the post-composer-window. You can drag this up and down to change the size of the window. I get this cut-off bottom issue if I drag the window a small size, but it goes away if I make the window bigger/taller

I still think I can look into fixing the problem, but in the meantime maybe that's a workaround

@The-Atog-Lord I just had the same problem with my laptop, which is my main computer. I cut my reply short because of it.

I really love everything about TMD now, but this is an issue that would be good to fix if possible. I can't stress that first part enough, I love TMD so much more now! I even found a color scheme that makes it look like it has the same colors it used to!

Brassy, I found it. Thanks. The cutoff issue happens as the default for me. A work-around would make posting more convenient, at least.

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