Looking for Shriekmaw by Steve Prescott

Hello, I am looking for the original art of Shriekmaw by Steve Prescott. Yesterday someone told me that the piece was sold before collecting originals became big and it's unknown who has the piece. Me and several other people would like to know where it is and if possible, buy it. If anyone can give us pointers, we'd be really grateful. Thank you in advance!

No one knows about this? :<

I'd recommend getting in touch with the various mtg art trading/collecting groups, someone may have had a sniff.

As a plan B, are you aware Shriekmaw art finally used was originally slated for another card?

@portland Hey, I'm in a group on Facebook with a lot of people who know about the art and whereabouts of pieces, I tried there the very first.
And I didn't know that! Very interesting, though I don't really understand how that's a plan B?

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