Return of the King: TMD Open 17 Winner's Report

Thanks for doing this write-up. I'm not a Shops player most of the time, but I did spend a while with the deck on MTG and it's one of my favorite archetypes.

I'm already pumped for the next event.

Since this is a great place to ask: what's your current feeling on the state of the Workshop pillar?

@Winterstar said:

Since this is a great place to ask: what's your current feeling on the state of the Workshop pillar?

There are multiple paragraphs about this exact topic in Will's report linked above.


True, but I was curious if he had further ruminations beyond those shared- an invitation to expand, if he so chose.

I miss Terra Nova, and the flexibility of choosing various takes on the pillar that feels a bit more constrained now with the loss of Lodestone Golem. Conversely, it could well be argued that the rise of token strategies (pyromancer or mentor) was already starting to marginalize terra nova/smokestack variants.

I can share will's frustration that right now the strongest variant of the Workshop pillar is my least favorite variation to play, and fully recognize that it is my own preferences that make that awkward. The workshop pillar is trucking right along, even if it has tentacles.

I suppose I can see what Kaladesh brings us for Christmas.

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I think that the Workshop pillar has by and large lost its ability to adapt and change to the metagame. The Ravager TKS deck practically builds itself and as results have shown is obviously quite strong, but this is because it preys on Gush decks. I don't really know if Workshops could adapt to Gush getting restricted, but for better or worse the metagame has revolved around Gush Tokens decks far longer than Lodestone Golem or Chalice of the Void have been restricted.

I miss the days when I could switch between Kuldotha Forgemaster, Smokestack and Null Rod based Workshop decks depending on how the field was changing. Now the metagame has for the most part stagnated, with the major changes being people deciding between which Gush deck is best. Conspiracy has a good chance of shaking up the format as does the Banned and Restricted announcement for Kaladesh.

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