[CN2] Recruiter of the Guard

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Recruiter of the Guard
Creature - Human Soldier
When Recruiter of the Guard enters the battlefield, you may search your library for a creature card with toughness 2 or less, reveal it, put it into your hand, then shuffle your library.
Before a cause can have supporters, it has to have a voice.

Imperial Recruiter in White. Oh hell yeah. I'm ready.

Better than Imperial Recruiter?

It's a Soldier, which won't affect Vintage at all, it can search up Spirit of the Labyrinth which Recruiter can't, it can search up Thalia 2.0 which Recruiter can't... Not sure about the current 5c Humans list, but I imagine there are tons of targets.

Can't find Painter's Servant so not sure can say it's better than Imperial Recruiter. In D&T, will be useful...

I think Notion Thief is probably notable.

I think it may be less impactful than we think, but it is probably also much better to toolbox this into a humans deck than trying to run 4 and 4 Thalias because of legendary.

this finds the entire alluren combo right? so they can stop splashing red for recruiter?
also that artwork is pretty good.

@snowydude This doesn't get Dream Stalker, which is a pretty important part of the resilience of the combo.

@Solemn_Storm the deck is blue there have been a hundred trillion man o war effects printed. just grab a different one.

@snowydude It needs to be blue or black and not target for Cavern Harpy to return it in order to play around removal, have toughness less than 3, and have costing cast less than 4. The only card that I found that fits the bill is Quickling. But one card is enough.

@BazaarOfBaghdad Shrieking Drake and Arctic Merfolk also work.

the kicker 1 didnt think about that. thats cute.

does the fact that it gets goblin welder or mentor do anything for us?

So this is more or less a white Green Sun's Zenith (but sometimes uncounterable thanks to Cavern). Seems playable especially in a toolbox hatebears deck (I'm not a big fan of Shrieking Drake et al though; it is too slow and too "cute.")

I'd be more excited about this card if there were a big, game-breaking creature that happened to have toughness <= 2 that this card could tutor to shore up the late game. The best I can think of is Stoneforge Mystic.

@evouga said:

I'd be more excited about this card if there were a big, game-breaking creature that happened to have toughness <= 2 that this card could tutor to shore up the late game. The best I can think of is Stoneforge Mystic.

There's Magus of the Moon (which of course Imperial does better, for a lot more $ though :P)

It can get Zurgo Helmsmasher, but I don't think that's relevant hehe

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A really sadistic part of me likes that it can get sulfur elemental.

@Protoaddct Yeah, I saw that too...funny.

The most powerful creature not fetchable by Recruiter is True-Name Nemesis. Still, Aluren decks will definitely want to avail themselves of Vendilion Clique now as a no-brainer: it should even be able to completely replace the Dream Stalker/Quickling slot as well as additional value copies. Also, Aluren was already sometimes running Finks, so this adds a bit of extra synergy in that respect.

Auto include in any edh list playing white, but limited vintage potential. In 5c humans this is basically a 3 mana demonic tutor but I am not sure if that pushes the list to the next level or not.

I've been playing mono white D&T, white trash, hatecats, or whatever you wanna call it for a decent bit now, and this card is going to really change how the decks are constructed. Right now we have shops competing with eldrazi competing with white trash, and there are some mixes like shops with TKS and Reality Smasher, Eldrazi with Thalia/Containment Priest, and D&T with Eldrazi Displacer.

I think this card is going to separate the prison strategies a bit more since this does not play well with the eldrazi cards popping up in some hatecats lists, but it does make the deck more resilient and more consistent.

The main problem here is that it costs 3 mana, but some people were already playing Ancient Tombs to power out the new Thalia, Vryn Wingmare, and Eldrazi Displacer in their lists; so that might be a solution to the problem if you don't want to go heavy into artifact acceleration (I still think you do).

Obviously the biggest thing going for this card is it lets you play single copies or reduced amounts of the cards you want to play, so that you only find them when you need them since most of the hatebears don't do anything in multiples (Spirit of the Labyrinth, Containment Priest, etc). It also allows you to play cards that are normally sideboarded in your main deck so that you have a better chance game 1 against less common decks without "wasting" slots against more popular decks. I've been running Containment Priest main deck just to have a shot against Dredge and Oath, but now I can trim down to a single copy to fetch with this guy and move the others to the sideboard.

Overall, really excited about this card and its impact on the format.

@Water0 I don't think it's that simple. With this you need 5 mana and you reveal Containment Priest to the opponent, so it's not as fast and resilient as having multiple Priests...

@fsecco I realise that, but you do not want to have 2+ Containment Priests main deck when they only work against Oath and Dredge; it gives you a chance instead of playing 2/2s for 2 with flash that do nothing else against other decks. Obviously you'll sideboard them in once you know your opponent is on Oath/Dredge.

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