@JACO I've only read a fraction of your book but I'm finding it very informative.

The only suggestion I would make is to add page numbers to the Table of Contents.

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Hey @JACO, will there be any updates to this book in the near future? With @Thiim's recent Eldrazi Shops finish taking off and the book's birthday recently passing by, I'm curious if this project is getting any sort of refresh.

Mike, I do have plans to update the book, once there is enough that has changed in Vintage to provide a necessary update for metagame context, Banned and Restricted movement, or playable printings. I don't feel that is the case quite yet.

Thiim's most recent build is just a variant of Workshop Eldrazi Aggro, which I covered in Chapter 8 of the book. It subs out Tangle Wire for Phyrexian Revoker (which I would have been on board with from the beginning), and Slash Panther for Precursor Golem (I think both are average to mediocre). The most important thing (again, which I would have done in my older builds anyway, based on metagame considerations then and now) is to utilize Null Rod, which just buries Ravager Workshop variants, as well as the current Outcome decks.

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Out of stock? 😞

That original link in the opening post appears to have been out of date. It is definitely still available for order here (also updated OP). Thanks!

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@JACO @hierarchnoble

Yeah, I'd prefer to buy a physical book, so I'm waiting for an edition update.

For those who have purchased this book in the past, what updates or issues do you wish to see addressed in future versions? What else would you like to read, or thought could use more detail (or was not addressed)? Feel free to post here or email me at jaco@eternalcentral.com, as I'm always looking for feedback. I will update this at some point, I just don't know when with the other stuff that's on the calendar that needs to be finished beforehand.

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