How come when I build a deck, it's just RUG Delver, but when Jaco builds a deck, his name is in it?! Unfair. 😞

All kidding aside, I haven't checked this out yet. But I'm with Smmenen in feeling that more vintage content is ALWAYS better.

@MaximumCDawg said:

Oh god, does this mean everyone on the Drain has to write a book now.

I suppose rather than write a long form work to answer a lot of questions that have repeatedly been asked, everyone on the Drain could stick to just consistently writing useless posts instead.

@Smmenen I agree. I'm especially a fan of the longer articles and the e-books. The depth of strategy and history are what drew me to Vintage in the first place.
Keep the good stuff coming @jaco and @Smmenen .

Can i suggest that the links in the book be linking to The Way Back Machine or other internet archive? I don't really trust MTGTop8, for example, to be around in 5 years. More power if they are, but I figure I will be reading this in 5 years again, don't want all the links to be broken.

@mickey.nobilis So, speculative fiction?

Im few pages in and love it so far!Thanks for putting out such interesting and well written Vintage content.

New from Tentacle Central, Spaghetti Lectern or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ramen.

Love the book, Jaco. Keep up the excellent work.

@CHA1N5 said:

New from Tentacle Central, Spaghetti Lectern or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ramen.

Love it. I've been hoping that "Spaghetti Hatebears" would take off as a name for White Eldrazi for a while now. 🙂

@Islandswamp said

I've been hoping that "Spaghetti Hatebears" would take off as a name for White Eldrazi for a while now. 🙂

Yeah why are new Deck names so boring now? Spaghetti Hatebears or Vanilla Spaghetti would be a way cooler name.
I think there is currently a pretty cool standard combo deck that utilizes the new red donate: Harmless offering. Why didn't they name the deck Kitty-trix , what happened to the times decks where named after breakfast cereals and stuff?

@mickey.nobilis said:

Before I go ahead and convert today's Whopperito fund into a book about how to spend my Vintage money wisely, does this book make mention of the identical builds of the Green JacoDrazi (WombaDrazi?) that have placed? I believe EE4 preceded even the first "printing", but I wanted to make sure the book was a good resource for me since Mark Hornung is always shouting in my ear to play his version of things.

I do talk about World Breaker a little bit, and adopt it (back) in the latest version of the deck presented in the book. Each card that I viewed as a reasonable tournament consideration is canvassed and discussed in Chapters 3 through 6.

I had tested World Breaker in my first versions of Eldrazi (when Lodestone was still legal as a 4-of even), but then abandon it, while still keeping Ulamog in the sideboard. My latest version adopts 1 World Breaker in the main deck, in favor of a Matter Reshaper, and still plays 1 Ulamog in the sideboard (Ulamog just deals with more random hate, albeit at a higher cost). As I mention in the book, playing any more than 1 or 2 World Breakers requires a slight reworking of the mana base to accommodate the green (most likely Brushland in 'Colorless' Eldrazi, and/or Horizon Canopy in WG Eldrazi decks).

@JACO I've only read a fraction of your book but I'm finding it very informative.

The only suggestion I would make is to add page numbers to the Table of Contents.

@hierarchnoble said in [Book] Eldrazi Meditations:

Hey @JACO, will there be any updates to this book in the near future? With @Thiim's recent Eldrazi Shops finish taking off and the book's birthday recently passing by, I'm curious if this project is getting any sort of refresh.

Mike, I do have plans to update the book, once there is enough that has changed in Vintage to provide a necessary update for metagame context, Banned and Restricted movement, or playable printings. I don't feel that is the case quite yet.

Thiim's most recent build is just a variant of Workshop Eldrazi Aggro, which I covered in Chapter 8 of the book. It subs out Tangle Wire for Phyrexian Revoker (which I would have been on board with from the beginning), and Slash Panther for Precursor Golem (I think both are average to mediocre). The most important thing (again, which I would have done in my older builds anyway, based on metagame considerations then and now) is to utilize Null Rod, which just buries Ravager Workshop variants, as well as the current Outcome decks.

@ten-ten said in [Book] Eldrazi Meditations:

Out of stock? 😞

That original link in the opening post appears to have been out of date. It is definitely still available for order here (also updated OP). Thanks!

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