Hey Andy, I'm a supporter and was wondering how to get the TMD supporters label? Thanks in advance!

Also how does one become a supporter. Id like to contribute to helping make the site better.

Same. This should also be part of the New to TMD button (though it probably is or will be already)

For anyone interested in supporting TMD, there is a Patreon account:


Still dissapointed my suggestion of the banner [has a huge penis] was not approved by @Brass-Man 😞

BOOM! Pledged! Hope it helps.

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Can this be the go-to thread for Patreon supporters who want the whiz-bang badge?

(FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a Patreon supporter who wants the whiz-bang badge haha)

Rarely post in the old forums and mostly just checked it out for ideas. I've always found this to be the best source for Vintage information. Made the pledge first time I knew about it. I like the new style a lot. Hope that we get continued support from the community.

Thanks for the support guys 😄

May I have a badge please?

Hrm ... Everyone who joined the "TMD supporter" group should have that badge automatically, but it doesn't seem to be working for everyone. I'll have to look into it

Maybe the email addresses don't align? I mean it's possible I used two different email addresses.

Figured it out guys! There's a profile setting for "Groups" where you select which badge you want to show, out of your available badges. It looks like it defaults to "No Title" for some people. So if you're in the group and don't see your badge, try that!

How do I join the supporters group and get a banner? (This is Galen Lemei. I set up a monthly donation before the new site went up.)


Check your notifications for an invitation, that's where I noticed mine

@Brass-Man & @shawnthehero

Figured it out, thanks!!

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