Vintage 101: Pyromania

Islandswamp takes a look at a few of the top decks from the Power Nine Challenge!

At the end of the article I wrote something about the MTGO bug that has effected Daily Event turnouts. I'm hoping it helps spur WotC to fix it faster. If you've been affected by the bug, please consider leaving a comment on the article itself so that it might be seen by a WotC employee, Maybe that would help, I don't know.

Hey great article man, you made my deck seem way cooler than it actually is 😄

@desolutionist That's my job!

But seriously, you've been doing well with some really innovative stuff lately, and I like to highlight that. I still think there's some life in cards like Gifts Ungiven. I had a blast playing one of your ritual gifts list before, so I have a soft spot for the card now.

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