"This week Islandswamp takes a look at a few interesting decks and shares his choice for the best Gush deck in Vintage."

Thanks to @CHA1N5 and @GrandpaBelcher for chatting with me prior to my writing session. Thanks to @footemanchu and @diophan for playing and building the Grixis Therapy list. I'm enjoying it quite a bit.

The serious events do tend to have some neat decks, I like that Kevin came out with a bunch of new cards and managed to top 8 with them (what a master), I do think some of that has more to do with the player than the cards. That all aside, I think Spell Queller is definitely an interesting card with a lot of stuff going for it. I am not as convinced about tamiyo, but there might be more good outcomes for that.

All that aside, and I am glad you point out the card, I think Stoneforge Mystic is amazingly well positioned at the moment, though no maindeck Jitte from Kevin gives me some pause, as the card is SUPER good today. I think we might be in a position to see even more interesting things in vintage. I was really impressed by Bryan Fisher's take on Burning Omni Oath from that top 8, for example, helping some of the consistency problems of omni Oath, if maybe not solving all.

Point of order, Jake: there IS a Jitte in my list. You took it with TKS in G2 😉

I'm sure what he meant is that there wasn't a Jitte in your list in game two after he took it with Thought-Knot Seer.

You really should have played Jitte for all of game two.

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if your going to remove your jitte in the middle of a game you really should play a copy of golden wish so you can get it back. 😛

The real trick is to activate stoneforge mystic in response to the TKS. That way you can play the jitte and he has to choose something else.

Jitte sure has a lot of text. I probably would have chose to exile it too, just to avoid reading.

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