Looking for people to play on Cockatrice

My nick is SerraAngel4 Life on trice. Im down for any kind of Vintage testing, even if it involves Carrier Pigeons.

I am oshkoshhaitsyosh (my old TMD name) on cockatrice! I'm on East cost time. Feel free to add me

im famdoola on there, add me if you'd like - eastcoaster as well

Khahan on cockatrice. When I'm on its usually 8pm EST or after.

Dstinct. Running on EST.

Bumping in case any still plays not-on-MTGO like me 🙂

Late to the party but I'm slimvesus on Cockatrice.

What server do people play on cockatrice now? I had been on woogerworks, but stopped playing on cockatrice for a few months. when I came back I had to reinstall and woogerworks is gone. Their web page says they no longer support cockatrice.

@khahan Rooster Ranges if you're in the US. It was built in as an option in Cockatrice when I re-downloaded a few days ago.

Edit: link: https://cockatrice.us/index.php

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I just returned after about a 10 year hiatus from MTG. I'm on as Pizzatog, and only play vintage and EDH.

Sorry if this is necroing. Is anyone still using cockatrice? Would be sweet to get some games in once in a while. My handle is "hardy".

I'm most often KillerKarma (sometimes thewhitedragon69) on Cockatrice. I'm mainly into Modern, Vintage, Old School (in that order), but dabble in legacy on rare occassion. I'm on Cockatrice almost nightly (Texas central time from 9-11pm mainly). Feel free to add and PM me and we can play any time!

@thewhitedragon69 Cool! That's like 4-6pm here in Norway. Might work once in a while, but it's usually family time before my kid goes to bed. I'll make sure to check if you're online when I have the time to escape everyday life!

@hardy Sounds good - yeah, I have 2 kids myself....so that's why I rarely get on until 9pm here 🙂

@hardy Hey! My name on Cockatrice is Grizzly. I'm from the same time zone (switzerland). So hit me up when you're online!

Check out "untap.in" it's a browser-based mtg client that has a small vintage community running regular leagues.

I just created an Untap.in account and some decks, though I haven't actually tried playing yet. Username is snaxydippers.

Wow, I didn’t realize ppl still played on this platform. I don’t think I’ve played on that in ten years.

What was the name of the platform we used to play on before that? Where we’d find games on IRC? I can’t remember...

@smmenen said in Looking for people to play on Cockatrice:

What was the name of the platform we used to play on before that? Where we’d find games on IRC? I can’t remember...

Apprentice was the software used back in the 2000-2004 era.

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