Is it possible for there to be a resource for finding card images that could just be available on TMD itself? I'm thinking it would be awesome to have a tool for finding card images that would make starting a new thread about a deck easy and elegant looking. Just a thought.


Deckbrew is an API that would allow for retrieval of the card image URI programmatically. I'm not sure what can be integrated into NodeBB, but if you can fetch that via a REST request you likely could have something easy to integrate into the post editor.

This kinda goes with this other request. There's numerous MtG APIs out there for retrieving the info. NodeBB's hooks allow you to easily replace what is stored and what is actually displayed*, so it shouldn't be too hard to do. I'm going to be poking at a dev copy over the weekend to see what I can come up with.

*This can be useful for some things like replacing common misspellings or expanding common card abbreviations. It can also be fun. I know a tabletop gaming forum that replaces every instance of "calvary" (i.e., "cavalry" misspelled) with the phrase, "A hill outside Jerusalem."

I'm not saying that there are no options for hosting images at this point (I've used photobucket before and will continue to do so until something is added as a feature on TMD). I just want it all to be readily accessible on TMD for convenience factor.


+1 for that. MTGSalvation has a really nice pop up feature for cards and decks.

+1 for this... would make things much easier in terms of communication.

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