Remember Shandalar? me find decklists

So there were basically two functions in the software, (1) the game where you explore shandalar and (2) a constructed duel game where you could build decks and play.

In the second part there were five stock decks, one for each color. Does anyone know where to find lists for these? Thanks!

Is this the game where you explored dungeons and stuff in order to earn cards? Or is it a different one. I remember a game where you'd basically dungeon crawl to get new and powerful cards, not sure if this is what you are talking about.

There were 2 parts as he said, but for the "duel decks" I remember having 40+. Maybe I had a patched game and not the original one.

I think I still have the game somewhere, I'll try to check this evening.

Im not sure when I'll make it over to my bro's house, but I have the micropose guide there.

As I thought, there are lots of lists, not just 5 (and not just 40 or 50, but 208):
rar with lists

Lists are in dck format, but can be opened with notepad. Some are back from 1996, some are new (I peeked at 4 and one was of 2008). Sorry if you only wanted 5, try to filter over them! A program like grep can help if you know key cards from every of those 5 decks.

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You guys are awesome, thanks.

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