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You do not want to side out Warping Wail in the mirror. It kills opposing Mimics (or if against White Eldrazi, kills like 1/2 of their creatures). You can side out Null Rod in the unpowered "JacoDrazi" mirror for more removal, but you're honestly not that likely to face it.

My latest list has cut another Matter Reshaper for another Crucible main. I'm working on finishing up a very long piece for publication hopefully early this week that will be on EC.

Interestingly, I did play the JacoDrazi mirror in a recent event. I think you're onto something with playing another crucible. I won by cutting my opponent off all mana completely and having enough things to side in instead of Rods. He told me after the match that he had nothing to side in accept one Dismember. Makes casting Endless One for more than 5 feel pretty amazing due to your opponent's inability to answer it.

@10k Yeah, my current versions of JacoDrazi have 4-6 total Crucibles + Metamorphs total in the 75. I didn't play that many at NYSE4 because I didn't think as many would be needed that specific day (and that being said, my only loss on the day was to a Workshop deck that had first turn Lotus Crucible + Waste (or Strip). But the more Workshop + Eldrazi you expect in a given tournament, it's better to hedge on the safer side by including more. There are a lot of flexible slots to play with.

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