Vintage 101: Fresh off the Moat!

"Islandswamp discusses recent price spikes of Reserve List staples, and discusses a new Vintage brew!"

The night after I finished this is when the drama regarding Martin Shkrelli happened. What a strange time to be alive.

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I like the list. Dromoka FTW.

Solid Read!

Played against Greg Fenton plenty of times with his white Moat/Oujati Oath List. He can certainly speak for himself, but I remember him always being a tad disappointed in how the list played out. Different times though, there were no Eldrazi and 4 Lodestone then. Perhaps he was just a few months ahead of the times and this list is primed for the format 🙂 I am not an oath player, but I feel like Iona is more of a MB option than Blazing Archon...Like if I knew I had to oath G1 into a non-girselbrand, non-Dramoka creature I would rather it be Iona. Probably just a Meta call, though.

I like archon better against Workshops and the Eldrazi lists, that 6 toughness makes for a tough out for those decks.

@brianpk80 🙂 that made my day, thanks. Dromoka is super sweet.

really good read, but a question i do have is why the magus of the moat in the side as well as archon in the main? to me it feels like a redundant effect. is there any matches were one is better than the other, and are there any where you want both?

@letseeker it is redundant, yes. Magus can be oathed into or cast through a thorn of amethyst.

@Islandswamp You can also draw+cast the Magus with a Cage out. Nice article!

Have you also considered incorporating some number of enlightened tutors in your list?

I feel that there's some potential with the use of all your artifacts/enchantments both in the main and sideboard.

@chikararyuu I thought about it, but the mirage tutors are really kind of bad.
They're huge misstep targets. They're card disadvantage. They send a signal to your opponent saying "you're gonna have to counter something soon!",
If you try something tricky like using a top deck tutor in your upkeep, it can power up flusterstorm or mindbreak trap.
Vampiric Tutor gets a pass as it gets any card. Mystical and the rest just don't see play these days. Dark petition or other choices are just too good I suppose.

hey i found this card and was wondering your thoughts on it as a replacement to dragonlord dromoka.

to me this seems like it has a much better effect because your spells cant be countered and its almost impossible to deal with, and if they go to cast a spell, you can force of will it and they cant do anything about it, and also it cant be countered just like dromoka. what are your thoughts on this card?

@letseeker It's good. I went with Dromoka at that time because it's easier to get to six mana and it has lifelink, but both cards would do the same type of job.

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