i myself am not a storm expert so dont take what i say as fact, but to me dark petition seems too good not to run in some numbers, atleast two imho, but if you want a tps list with force i would say a steel city vault type deck is where you want to be, being able to get vault key when you cant generate enough storm is huge, and the deck gets a good amount of free wins. as for a tps list i honestly think it just gets outclassed by the other storm decks, but like i said before im not a storm expert.

It is time my friend... Time to rise up again

I already have so many questions and ideas, and that just for this deck.
Is playing a single MM correct?
The top tutors are great again, mystical and vampiric for sure, but what about Imperial seal?
Our discard is way better now, but other people will start playing discard as well so we need to be wary of that.
Is Merchant scroll good again? It finds a pretty safe ancestral now.
Will people start playing mystic remora more commonly again?
What do we think about stuff like Dispel and Spell pierce against us?
Are more than one Maindeck chain of vapor viable now?
And so on and so on...

That DPS Karn deck from eternal weekend was awesome. After some warm up games, I posted 4-1, 5-0, 4-1, 3-2 with it.

It has a lot of things in it that are probably still relevant like maindeck spot removal in Abrupt Decay and Collective Brutality. Karn was a freak of nature and I wonder if it’s still worth playing 1.

The reason I'm saying this is because I think Force of Vigor is the future of Storm against Spheres. We just have to get the green count up whether it be from Fastbond, Channel, Abrupt Decay, or Manamorphose.

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@desolutionist but aren't we just able to play 1 mana disruption now that misstep is restricted?


I think 0 mana to destroy two targets is still ideal when you're pressed for mana against multiple spheres.

Your 1-mana Duress effect is going to resolve against blue, that's not the issue in my opinion. It's the Lavinias and Sphere effects that you need to worry about.

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@desolutionist true, for artifact removal FoV is the best choice, however you have to jump through some hoops to get the green count requires I think.
Aren't multiple chain of vapors doing a good job against Thalias, Narset's, Spheres and Lavinias alike?

I could See myself Packung multiple in tue maindeck

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As a thought you now have veil of summer to up your green count as well. Card has been strong in a lot of my testing. It isn’t good against shops but in general is good for the deck.

Good ol Xantid Swarm might also be worth a look now as well with no misstep around. Just some thoughts.

I’ve also been on two chain of vapor main with a collective brutality, karakas, and thoughtseize in the side in Ad Nauseam and in normal storm variants. It has felt really strong against Lavinia and all her ugly friends.

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I like Chain of Vapor definitely.

Another techy consideration is Wasteland. Since without Misstep, you can take them off of the mana they need to counter your spell.

I think 1-of Karn is just a better version of Tinker-Colossus. It’s a haymaker. It’s an alternate win in the face of adversity. It’s game 1 dredge hate. It’s a control card against artifact decks. I think the minimum sideboard configuration is:

1 Lion’s Eye Diamond
1 Bolas’ Citadel
1 Mycosynth Lattice
2 Tormod’s Crypt

2 of those cards are part of the dredge hate package anyway, so it’s really only taking up 3 slots. And if you look at all the DPS lists that have done anything in the past 3 months, they have plenty of junk in the sideboard to give up.

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