So today I finally did it. Teached two of my oldest kids (aged 7 and 5) to play MtG. Now I finally get the new world order 😄 Siege Mastodon, Runeclaw Bear and Fortress Crab for the win!

English isn't our native language and my kids haven't learned it yet, which is another obstacle. But I gotta say that kids are quick learners. The older kid is already seeing simple combat math and somewhat understands power and toughness in creatures.

Have any other tried to play with your kids? It's a very different experience than a Vintage DE at mtgo 😄


I have 3 daughters: 15, 13 and 10. About 3 months ago I taught my 15 and 10 year old to play ( visit that thread for an easy-to-use cheat sheet that I made for the kids to reference. They both went with me to the Innistrad pre-release event as I figured that was a good way for them to get their feet wet since the cards were new to most people and the card pool was random.

Since then I've picked up a few pre-made commander decks and we all play and my 15 year old goes to FNM for drafts with me (she took first in her 4th draft after I conceded the last round to her. If I won, I would take 1st and she wouldn't place. If she won she gets 1st and I get 2nd. She was really excited).

My 13 year old isn't really too interested. But for the upcoming pre-release the 15 and 10 year old are just waiting to go back. I haven't introduced them to vintage yet. But with a mentor deck built and solid white eldrazi that is rather easy to play I may have my 15 year old start some play testing with me and introduce her to concepts like sideboarding.

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My daughter actually got me back into Magic after I quit in 03. in 2010, when she was 6 she found a shoebox I had long forgotten about, and we started playing standard, She is now 11, and has won 3 fnms, and 1 game day, and 1 draft. Kids learn real fast, the younger you teach them the better.

I have not really tried to teach my five year old. He's only interested at looking at the cards. Frankly any game I've tried to teach him hasn't gone well because he seems like he'd rather make his own rules.

@Islandswamp said:

Frankly any game I've tried to teach him hasn't gone well because he seems like he'd rather make his own rules.

Welcome to 5 year olds!

Both my kids know how to play (13y girl and 11y boy ). The older one likes the art but not playing so much,younger one has been playing in couple of tournaments so far...

I didn't "force" them to it but when they showed interest then learned it to them.


My kids actually got me back into the game a while back. My wife took them to the store to buy pokemon cards, and they noticed the Magic cards on the shelf. She got them a couple New Phyrexia starter decks (this was the new set at the time) and then told them that I used to play. I agreed to teach them, and saw how cool some of the new mechanics were (specifically phyrexian mana) and I was hooked again. My kids are 15, 12, and 10 now, they all have a few years of tournament experience under their belts, and are proficient with their modern deck of choice.

I'm currently in the process of building 4 different vintage decks for us to use, as that has always been my favorite format. I have a feeling the modern decks may take a back seat for a while once they discover the power of the vintage side.

This is a great topic. I have 2 boys and they are interested in playing Magic. I play with the Team Serious guys in Ohio and do travel to irl tourneys when I can. My boys have been asking to go to the tourneys with me. They also have been asking me to teach them how to play. My kids are 6 and 3 so it is a bit tough to get them to understand Magic, let alone Vintage.

My comments on this topic are not necessarily about teaching my kids to play, but how can I get them to play with me? Meaning, I only own 1 set of power. How can I get them to be able to play in Vintage tournaments in the future with me? Do I look at getting more power now? Like 2 more sets now? Like really??!!

So in 4 or 5 years when my kids start playing in tourneys what will the price of power be then? Do I just teach them Legacy? Kind of defeats the purpose of why I play Magic. Vintage.

I am bit all over the place with this post, but I am just looking for advice on how to be able to play Vintage with my kids in the future.

@ssasala I get to play a fair amount of paper vintage, and the only tourney a year that I play in that requires no proxies is Eternal Weekend. Proxies can be a nice project to do together, I always had fun making mine. You can also run Jaco's Eldrazi list that is both competitive and unpowered by design. If you want to go the full power route, sets of power aren't cheap and there is no guarantee they will be interested in playing with it by the time they are old enough, so unless you were cool tying up a bunch of money for awhile (youd probably do fine reselling it I would guess) it might be a better idea to wait, though this might end up costing you much more down the road. If you have the spare capital and don't mind having 10k+ tied up in this for awhile, its probably cheaper to buy now, thats been the lesson that has been hammered into me after buying and selling multiple sets over the last 16 years or so.

Since I do not have any kids I can't really talk about that. But players from our playgroup have children and every single one of them prepares a card pool for their children. I found that very odd but obviously it is something the fathers share. They plan to introduce their kids to the game and with time pass down the collection (some already taught them the basics). I find this strange because their kids do not need to show any interest in the game in the future. (I have no experience parenting and I was never in an environment with kids growing up (I'm the youngest). This is probably why I do not understand this.) I guess that one reason for this is that the parents want their kids to be able to play with them.

Introducing your kids to something you love is probably something good. If I would ever have a child I would probably want to share my passion as well. On the other hand wanting my child to play Vintage (my format of preference) is something that I can't even imagine happening. Magic players tend to play Magic for different reasons, they like different aspects of the game (my ex plays mostly Standard and we are totally incompatible Magic players). If the kid even starts to play Magic, he may be interested in something totally different ? The game will most probably be different in 5-10 years or so as well. Shouldn't you as a parent introduce the kid to the game, show him/her the intricacies of the game and different formats and let him/her decide later? (I did not really go through real childhood either so I have no idea what 7 years old do or think about)

I always expected that if by a chance I would ever have a child and Magic would still be around it would be the kid that would come to me asking 'How do you play this game/What is this game?'

Otherwise I really envy you and your kids^_^. My parents weren't supportive of any of my hobbies until I managed to qualify for Worlds Championships. (After 15 years of playing Magic my parents gave me a booster pack! That was actually pretty awesome)

@stsung You bring up some good points here. My children generally enjoy modern and sealed events. I have let them try different formats, and they have different preferences. My daughter, who is 10, prefers sealed deck. Her favorite events are pre-releases. My 12-year old son loves EDH, and is a competent Modern player (he has won tournaments). My oldest, who is 15, loves Modern and drafts and has shown quite a bit of interest in Vintage. We steer clear of Standard because of the cost. I don't feel like forking out the dough to support 4 standard players while trying to keep up with the rotating sets. Not only that, but we don't have time to play tournaments every week. If we play the less frequent events, we sort of self-regulate and maintain balance in our activities that way (they are involved in athletics as well). The eternal formats also make the most sense for us, because I already own the cards.

This thread has inspired me to finish updating some Vintage decks to play with. Last night I built Standstill, Gush Mentor, Eldrazi, and a UR welder deck. Looks like I'll be jamming some Vintage with the kids this weekend!

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