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The second ability makes me consider this card for dredge. At 1 mana, the card is very castable, and having an army of zombie tokens will fuel the card.

The question is, is the role necessary for the deck? How many times with dredge are you stalled, trying to draw a removal spell, and how often will this card actually help you do that?

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For a one-mana Dredge accelerant, Fatestitcher is both easier to cast (since it comes from the graveyard) and more effective. It's also a pity that neither Ichorid nor Bloodghast are zombies.

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The thing is this card only feels worth it if when you activate you are somehow making 3 or more zombie on the spot because of the dredge you get, and that seems unlikely. Any zombies you tap are also not viable targets for Flamekin that turn.

I think this card will be great in some sorta combo modern deck. This, zombie infestation, Prized Amalgam, Gravecrawler, Slitherhead, and bloodghast make for a very very fast clock in that format.

I saw this card, thought, "Wow, that's really cool," and then quickly realized I would basically never want this instead of Zombie Infestation.

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