We had several players who wanted to come yesterday but were unable to due to their holiday plans. We ended up with six, which feels good for our first try, especially on a holiday weekend. With only six, we ran a five round round-robin, allowing everyone to see all the decks. Three of our six players had never played Vintage before.

4-1 Ben K with Dragon Combo (and Tezz transformative sideboard)
3-2 Will M* with Grixis Welder
3-2 Josh* with Dark Petition Storm
2-3 Sam C (me) with 5 Color Staxx
0-5 Tim E* with Gush Mentor

*First time playing Vintage

Ben and I were the last match to finish. If I won, we would have a 5-way tie at 3-2, and a very uninspiring prize payout, so I scooped him into 4-1 to win the event.

Everyone said they'd be back for our next event, so I hope to get enough to fire a real Swiss + top 4/8 event next time around!