You're getting an upvote from me just because AFI is one of my favorite bands from years ago. Enjoy.

Onto a serious post: You mentioned, and it's obvious in the reports, that Storm and Mentor are weak points. While there are several cards that could be played to obviously assist in those matchups, what can be done without sacrificing what makes this deck better against the rest of the field? Maybe Oath is the way to go against Mentor, but how about storm?

Cards I am referencing (though not necessarily suggesting) in no order:

  1. Leyline of the Void
  2. Mindbreak Trap
  3. Thorn of Amythest
  4. Chalice of the Void
  5. Root Maze
    There's others as well that would be decent. I'm just tossing those out for reference.

Please consider breaking out the "Business" sections of your decklists. Years of reading decklists has trained me that at least separating creatures makes for greatly improved readability.

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