I personally feel the times for the current dailies are far from optimal. Does the manadrain agree? If we agree the event times are bad is their anything we can do? Maybe the manadrain can send a statement to wizards. Or perhaps we can get someone "famous" to complain?

@Princess_Power what times do you think would be better?

The previous times were better imo. 6pm GMT and midnight GMT. The current later Daily is held at 2am GMT. This is 10pm on the East coast. Any "late" daily is too late for Europe, but a 10pm Daily is also too late for the East coast of the USA.

Ever since they switched schedules less dailies have fired in my experience. The only Dailies I feel I can rely on are the 6pm GMT dailies on weekends.

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I tend to agree somewhat. Certainly, I was excited when they announced they were adding new dailies. But as a European player, none of the ones added are i
of any use - no chance of playing at 2am during the week.

There was only the one weekend slot that was relevant for Europe really too - but that's only moved by half an hour, which hasn't seemed to be too serious a change. Perhaps part of the issue is that the changes have come during the summer - and perhaps events aren't firing simply because people are outside doing stuff. Maybe it's worth seeing if anything changes as the days shorten, though certainly I would always welcome more Europe-friendly events.

They run 4 AM, 8 AM, and 4 PM for me on the weekends. So I'm usually trying for the 8 AM and the 4 PM. The 8 AM seems to not fire, though it used to fire all the time.

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