Vintage 101: Eldritch Moon in Vintage!

My latest article for MTGGoldfish. I discuss a few of the cards that were spoiled at the time of writing.

Nice article. When is Erdrich moon legal for play?

@spook Release date is July 22, three weeks from now.

Excellent read, as always. It was a nice summary of some of the EMN cards with Eternal potential without the overbearing "it sucks, get out and never mention this card again!" stuff that happens in the EMN card threads around here.

Minor note about Emrakul-ing someone and using their Griselbrand. Maybe I misread, but it sounds like you meant to take them beneath 0 with Greazy's activated ability, but one cannot pay a cost that one cannot afford. Unless your opponent happens to already be at a life total divisible by 7, you can't outright beat them with just that.

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