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Fixed the link so it works now, but still can't seem to get it to be an image here, if anyone can fix thanks!

Can this find a home in an affinity type version of MUD? Its really big for its cost, and having no cards should not be a problem in a deck full of 99% Moxen as its mana sources. Or a deck running 100 discard cards. Thoughts?

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I was going to spoil it too. 5/5 for 2 mana seems totally playable in any non-countermagic deck. Affinity totally seems a good deck, but also burn, or any creature deck. For vintage, MUD and bear-deck can afford it.

How viable is a 5/5 that does nothing in the current environment? I'm not sure, but the clock is terrific. With workshops we can have a couple of this T1 and strike for 10 in T2. Not bad at all

Do you have a link to a Vintage affinity decklist? This is the deck with Signal Pest, Skullclamp, Cranial Plating, etc?

@evouga here's Brassman's list from a while back:

Andy Probasco - Tiny Robots
4 Ancient Tomb
3 Arcbound Ravager
1 Black Lotus
1 Cranial Plating
4 Genesis Chamber
2 Hangarback Walker
4 Lodestone Golem
1 Mana Crypt
1 Mana Vault
4 Memnite
3 Mental Misstep
4 Mishra's Workshop
1 Mox Emerald
1 Mox Jet
1 Mox Ruby
1 Mox Pearl
1 Mox Sapphire
4 Phyrexian Revoker
4 Signal Pest
4 Skullclamp
1 Sol Ring
1 Stripmine
4 Tangle Wire
1 Tolarian Academy
4 Wasteland
3 Grafdigger's Cage
4 Leyline of Sanctity
3 Thorn of Amestyst
3 Tormod's Crypt
1 Trinishpere
1 Umezawa's Jitte

Link didn't work:

Lupine Prototype

2 generic mana cost

Artifact Creature - Wolf Construct

Lupine Prototype can't attack or block unless a player has no cards in hand.

P/T: 5/5

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@structuremole Thanks! Looking at this list, the cards most likely to get stuck in hand are Mental Misstep and Tangle Wire. Presumably the Missteps could be cut without much loss.

@evouga I think the missteps are actually necessary for combo matchups as you don't have as many spheres, but that probably works in the sideboard.

@ydl "2C" is a very confusing way to write a mana cost now that "C" is a kind of mana

@Brass-Man Thank you, I was sloppy there.

I'm not clear on whether or not the 5/5 is good in Tiny Robots, but I think you can absolutely get away with cutting the Missteps. No issue there

@Brass-Man It seems like if it were 4/4 or 3/3 it would fit better in Tiny Robots.

@Brass-Man said:

I'm not clear on whether or not the 5/5 is good in Tiny Robots, but I think you can absolutely get away with cutting the Missteps. No issue there

You have to cut something to get this in. Might as well be the missteps.

this looks really good with an affinity deck that just wants to dump its hand turn one or two

I'd rather find a way to play Myr Superion (DER UBERMYR) than this guy.

Look at how many hellbent cards actually see play in Vintage. I think Radkos Pit-Dragon or whatever saw play, what, in Red Deck Wins in 2008?

A card for 2 mana (totally playable in a deck that wants to spit the whole hand ASAP) cannot be compared with a card that costs 2RR, much harder to cast. Same for Jagged Poppet (I have seen it play in vintage). And this is a 5/5, way harder to kill.

Affinity seems the natural home, but even aggro mud can play it.

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