Just because it was sad to see watching the VSL a day late, I want to spell out how to win the game after your library is milled save blightsteel. For those that didn't see, this happened to Owen Turtenwald yesterday as he subbed in for LSV as he was off watching his kid being born (much congratulations to him!).

The game state is Kai, tapped out (even his Painter's Servant), with a Dack in play so he wins the game if he gets to activate him. Owen has just drawn his Blightsteel which shuffled back into his deck after Grindstone finished doing its thing, bringing him up to 8 cards in hand. His hand is:

Yawgmoth's Will
Time Vault
Voltaic Key
Sensei's top
and, of course, Blightsteel

Yawgmoth's Will, we all know, is just about at it's best when you have your deck in your graveyard, but with no cards left in deck and staring down defeat, Owen takes a look at his graveyard, and concedes. However, he is, in fact, able to take another turn if he ends it with 8 cards in hand so he can discard the Blightsteel, Yawg's Will or no (as he control's both replacement effects). So how do we win? The answer, as with all silly plays, begins with the unholy pairing of Mentor and Yawgmoth. The play goes as follows:

Play land
Play Yawg's will (6 cards in hand)
Play mox pearl, mana crypt and mentor with the aforementioned cards from the graveyard.
Play Lotus (1 monk) crack for UUU (as mox sapphire is actually stolen by Dack at the moment)
Play all of your other 3 mox (4 monks)
Gush, returning 2 islands, hold priority, and then flusterstorm the gush (back to 8 cards in hand and 6 monks on the table)
Cast Time Walk off the other floating blue and off color moxen ("enough" monks)
Then, go to cleanup and discard the robot (and hope MTGO actually does the replacement effects correctly).

From here it's as simple as playing the 2 one drops out of your hand on the Time Walk turn and attacking for precisely 1 billion damage.

Cheers to Owen for being part of the VSL and no judgement intended. This is notably a line that doesn't really require any out-there cards and only requires you to have gotten Yawg's will to your hand before the herald of your grindy doom and have a one play in your hand for the Time Walk turn as well as enough islands to Gush your hand up to be able to discard, so far enough from magical Christmas land to be worthwhile to keep in your back pocket.

Props for the explanation. I'm not familiar with y.will so I appreciate the explanation, when I saw the video I suspected that something like you suggested was possible but didn't the math. Probably if I was in Owen's place I'd also conceded, not realizing about gush+fluster strategy to return lands without drawing.

I hope to see more content like this on TMD. Thanks for the write-up.

This was also mentioned in the VSL thread. So I am re-posting what I said there about why Kai possibly should have waited:

The advantage I see of waiting is that you can use Dack Fayden targetting Owen to make him draw2 when he just has Darksteel in deck. Next turn you can grindstone owen with a pyroblast up. You can also gridnstone Owen in response to him playing spells (for example a draw spell). If Owen goes land->Yawgmoth will you can grindstone owen in response to him playing a mana source out of his discard.

If you wait you do lose to owen having a swords+ counterspell. Its hard for owen to win with a yawgmoth's will line if you wait. If owen plays anything else from his hand except yawgmoth will+mana source he can't get up to 8 cards. I believe if Owen plays something like a preordain you can therefore gridnstone him in response. If Owen plays mox into yawgmoth will you have to counter the Yawgmoth will. If owen counters back he probably can't get to 8 cards in hand.

Its a hard line to play 😞

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@Princess_Power yeah, it does just seem like neither of them considered it possible to fill up the hand and discard. Kai even mentioned how he was scared when he passed back and Owen still got another turn, but then it didn't matter so he assumed that it didnt work.

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