Suggestion how to help execute infinite combos on MTGO


I understand the reasons and the difficulty of implementing some sophisticated and automated mechanism to execute infinite loops on MTGO. I accepted that this is probably not going to happen and so I started learning how to execute some combos (mainly the Salvagers + Lotus) as fast as I could to have a decent chance in tournaments not to get timed-out by opponents without sportsmanships.

I've an idea which I think might be relatively easy to implement by Wizards and which would help at least a bit to execute some combos (mainly the Salvagers + Lotus combo, which I think is very good in an Oath shell). If you hold down "M" key while sacrificing Black Lotus, you'll get automatically white mana. When you try to put it back to your hand with Salvagers, it asks which mana to spend and also when you cast a Pyrite Spellbomb, it asks what mana to spend on it. This is where the most time of executing the whole loop is spent, because you have to move your cursor to click the floating mana and then go back to your hand to continue. Would it be possible to perhaps add a hotkey (or better an option), which would let me spend any mana avaiable (lets say the color of which the highest amout is floating, or even better let me choose for the 1st time) to perform some action, assuming there are matching colors and sufficient amount of mana floating to peform this action (in this case - 1W)?

I believe it requires around 30x W floating and 10x R floating to get your opponent down from 20 to 0. It takes around 5 minutes, depending on how fast you can execute it. I think my suggestion could take it down to like 2-3 minutes, greatly increasing the chance to not get timed out. I know this is far from the ideal, but it's still better then nothing.

As far as I know, there is no option like that (let me know if there is please, I might be missing something).

Thank you for your time and please let me know what you think. I'll try to propose the change to Wizards if my suggestion doesn't turn out to be a complete nonsense (which is why I'm posting here).

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On the old TMD and on Reddit, there's someone who's created a script to automatically click through combos like Bomberman and Worldgorger for you. IIRC, it does something like a click every half second.

User-made scripts is your best bet, sadly. That being said, I will concede to an infinite combo always and I assume there are others that do this!

It would be nice if they did this, but I just dont think its reasonable to expect the company that allows yheir online game to remain in the state that its in generally to put forth the effort to modify the program to allow a few decks in their least supported format to function properly.

That said, I think the way I would do it would be to allow you to put in the number of cycles and choose the outcome, then just do that. So you would just plug in x is 30 and select white, then x is 10 and select red, and that would be that.

something that could be cool is to hold down something like m, and the colors of mana be you number pad, so m+1 would be white, m +2 would be blue and so on and so forth

Edit: i found the code page but it has a 404, sorry

Edit#2: i messaged the guy that made the code, if i get the code i can post it on here if you would like or i can message you the code

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Thanks for the answers and your effort guys. I'm aware there was a working piece of code that would let you do that. I ran into 404 as well searching for it. However, my biggest issue here would be the concern whether or not is it legal to use 3rd party software.

If you get a response from the guy who made the soft for the automated loop, please let me know, maybe we could come up with something.

Hey, I'm the author of the program that automates combos on MTGO. I came to the conclusion that without official support from WOTC (which could come in many forms) these types of programs can never be fully functional and bug free enough for the average player to use them. I removed the script because I didn't want to spend time to updating a program every week that didn't work in a large number of cases.

For example, the Bomberman combo script didn't work if you had a Monastery Mentor in play. This is because Mentor creates a huge number of triggers which are impossible to automatically order and yield to. I believe tmdbrassman actually has a video on his stream demonstrating this. There are a bunch of other cases like this where tiny issues with card interactions or how the user had their MTGO interface set up made the program not work.

Sorry for the disappointing answer. I sincerely hope the ability to automate combos comes to MTGO in some form one day.

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