I know we don't play Accumulated Knowledge anymore, but I think this is worth noting. Since it counts cards only in your graveyard, it becomes less annoying in the mirror.

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It's a Sorcery, which makes it strictly worse than Accumulated Knowledge in every aspect. The mirror rarely existed from the Goth-Slaver days up to Drain-Tendrils. I think I played 1 mirror, and usually could play my deck in a way where my opponent always cast the first Accumulated Knowledge and always lost for it.

This card is rated F, for -FUCKING TERRIBLE-

Let's assume for a moment that you're playing an Accumulated Knowledge mirror.



Okay. It's a mirror. YOU ARE EQUAL.

Now say you replace your AKs with Take Inventory and they are playing AKs.

You are worse off than they are.

I don't think any more needs to be said.

@Soly Uhhh, I missed that. Sorry. 😞

@fsecco No issues; my swearing isn't to put you down, but to emphasize how bad it is 🙂

@Soly I know. I hate when people post stuff here without reading it correctly, wasting forum space. Guess I just did that 😛

If the meta was such that Accumulated Knowledge was played and played in such numbers as to rely on your opponent playing it so you can get benefit off it in the mirror, then maybe this see play. But realistically, this is a standard and modern card, will likely see play in modern pyromancer and be good there though.

in the past ver of this site moderators sometimes locked useless threads.can they still do ?

It's nice that that now people get to play with AK in Modern...?

@Saya No need to go that far. This isn't a troll thread -- Take Inventory happens to be completely unplayable in Vintage, but it's still one of the top 3 most playable cards spoiled so far, and the discussion was started in good faith.

Yeah, to be fair I got excited by the card too and completely missed the sorcery line. 😞

the last thing that has to happen is for this site to become anally moderated again, it's what made the last version suck to the point no one bothered posting anything over fear of being made fun of by the elite douche cunts that ran TMD

The only thing I'd like people to still do it tag the post with the set's 3 letter name, so you can know that's a spoiler discussion.

Hey, this card is great for casual. It gets to go right into my growing library of casual 60-card decks. I mean, that WOULD be great if I hadn't recently downgraded AK itself out of the Vintage-playable box and put it into casual decks, too!

@Juggernaut-GO said:

elite douche cunts

Tell us what you really think, Jugger.

@Juggernaut-GO That being said. Let's steer a little clear of saying things that might provoke moderation. Right now there aren't rules right? Let's not demonstrate the need for rules.

I've had a lot of people talk to me about leaving TMD, before and after the redesign. People have absolutely said they have left because the moderation was too aggressive

More commonly though, people have complained about the signal-to-noise being too low (e.g. unmoderated threads about cards and decks they think are bad)

At least as frequently, people have left because of problem posters, either specific people or in abstract - trolls, harassment, overly argumentative/combative posts ... complaints that moderation is too lax

There is no way to run the site that keeps all of these parties happy.

All the changes you made since the new site made me happy. The new interface took some getting used to, but it's much easier to use. The moderation has been calm and careful as it slips between big personalities, but you've still been willing to use the hammer when required (the recent thread on counterfeits, for example).

You're doing a bang up job, and you should assume that everyone who is not actively complaining (i.e. the vast majority of us) appreciate and enjoy all of your hard work.

(Signal to noise complaints on a site with as low a level of traffic as The Mana Drain confuse me immensely. Have people ever been to MTG Salvation? 😉 )

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Oh sure, I wasn't fishing there 😄 I've gotten lots of kind words about the new site. I just wanted to make sure people were cutting the mod staff (both past and present) a little slack ... it's a fine line people walk, and every decision you make, somebody is happy and somebody is mad


When you are one of those problem posters (I am trying to get better :/)...

But this is the reason I think customization is important: give people the ability to tailor content to their liking by allowing them to ignore posters/posts/topics that they don't wish to deal with. Even if I'm one of those posters that people end up ignoring.

For starters, I would create a separate category for "New Card Discussions". You can also create a category exclusively for deck design with a tier system (simplistic - "Established Archetypes" and "New Strategies"). This would work well with the ignore category function to remove some of the SNR.

@ChubbyRain in theory that exists. People should be using the subject-line tags for new cards/single card discussion stuff, which can then be filtered on .... but I haven't figured out how to push that cultural change yet

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