Mark Rosewater does weekly bracketed polls on various MTG topics, and this week's is about peoples' favorite formats. Vintage already passed the first round, but it will need some help against Modern.

Go vote!

Voted! Let's shake it up and make our voices heard!

Also, the replies to that are a good place to learn about players' criticisms of Vintage.

Who decided Vintage should be put up against Modern? That's not thaaat fair for a quarter-finals 😛
It should be Vintage x Legacy, of course, for Eternal Format's sake.

It's a bracket, so Vintage and Modern already beat out something else. Legacy already lost to EDH ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Edit: Modern crushed Archenemy, and Vintage narrowly beat Two-Headed Giant... so...

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Even so, unless it was a random bracket, which I don't think it was, it's kind bad to put Modern x Vintage so early in the game. Also, pitting 3 major formats (Vintage, Modern, Legacy) against each other in the same side of the bracket is strange. Modern should've been on the Standard side of things, probably where Pauper is.
Well, I don't think I care that much actually 😛

EDH Is going to win; there's too many people who spend way too much fucking money on EDH.

I'm not sure who told you that Vintage is a "major format," but you were misinformed.

Major format in a sense that Vintage, Legacy, Modern and Standard are the 4 "real" constructed formats. Not talking about size.

@Soly Yeah, but I don't think Maro really thought this bracket out. Modern x Commander would've been a great finals. The upper bracket seems way, way weaker than the lower one.

edit: and there are more dumb stuff like Pauper x Cube and Sealed x Mental. Pauper x Mental and Cube x Sealed makes a lot more sense.

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