While I have my doubts about it ever happening, with the Rise of Eldrazi and WOTC seemingly being a little more adventurous in its designs as of late, I was curious what people would think about a purely colorless Moxen. WOTC has shown with slight modifications like that of Mox Opal it can make Moxen that are balanced enough to see play but still powerful enough to entice Vintage players, and they seem to like to print a new one every so often (Stronghold was 98, Mirrodon was 2003, scars 2010.) Plus with the fancy new colorless symbol you know someone from R&D already forwarded the idea.

If they made a colorless moxen, I think it is safe to assume Legendary at this point, but how much turmoil would it throw the format into? Would it instantly become one of the power cards? Need restriction? What other downside would it need to have to be tolerable in multiple formats? Maybe it could pain you anytime you tap it or something?

I know this is all fan-crafting at this point but I do not think it would be totally unreasonable to print one at somepoint. An off set like Conspiracy or Commander is the perfect place for it so why not?

Even if Legendary, a colorless Mox would be completely busted in the non-Eternal formats, since extra copies would still act like Lotus Petals. Mox Opal doesn't suffer from this problem since Metalcraft ensures it cannot be used to power out big Turn 1 plays. I expect a colorless Mox would come with a bigger downside, such a coming into play tapped.

A Legendary, colorless Mox with no other downsides would need to be restricted in Vintage. It would find its way into most decks across the format, from Mentor to Eldrazi to Storm to Belcher.

I don't think they will print a colorless mox, it gives modern one thing that wotc didn't want it to have, fast mana, and it could cause the eldrazi decks of winter to come back, not quiet as good but still very good, and something like this would also boost the vintage drazi decks and would need restricted for vintage, I don't see it going through honestly

a legendary mox crystal that ETB tapped would be fine, I think. Restrictable, yeah, but fine, unless there's some super easy combo card to pair with it that untaps it when it ETB that I'm not thinking of. Or I should say, "It most likely would be fine." The risk that it would cause some unforeseeable firestorm in Modern probably implies they won't print it.

Mana Crypt is effectively a colorless Mox for our purposes. I doubt they would make another.

It's really a shame that Mox Diamond is reserved, because it is a completely fair design that would fit just fine into modern.

@Cambriel I feel like Crypt is a whole other thing to most players, similar to Sol Ring.

The thing is WOTC has printed "Moxen" a few times since the first, and players do like it. I think a colorless, legendary moxen with some restrictions on it would be a good balanced card if done right, even to the point where it could exist in a format like standard or modern just like Opal did and does. I think its only a matter of time before we get another one, the questions really is how good it would be / how much of a downside?

Like what if they made one that was Colorless, Came into play tapped, Legendary, and had a play restriction like it costs one more for each artifact you have in play already?

@Protoaddct I think that's taking it too far -- Legendary + CitP is already enough to ensure that the Mox can't be used turn 1 and can never generate more than 1 mana per turn, no matter how many copies you draw.

It's still unlikely WotC would allow this amount of colorless acceleration in Standard, but it would be perfectly fair in Modern on down.

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they could only do it in vintage masters or a similar set. in Standard right now they are afraid to print a Rampant Growth as mana acceleration is just too powerful. there's no way a colorless mox would be fine, even if it came into play tapped. hell, if it had suspend: 1 and ETB tapped, it would probably be one of the most powerful cards in Standard right now. accelerating into TKS and reality smasher is just insanely powerful. printing a 6th, colorless mox just for vintage would probably be fine. at some point you're just mox-flooded and adding another one doesn't break thinks. although at some point the 1-land-belcher deck would be too powerful. but I doubt allowing a single copy of a 6th mob would be enough to push that over the edge.

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