Hi all, So I have got my second top 4 in 7 years of LCV, so here is a report of my lucky draws and how some not so lucky draws and bad choices prevented something more.

First, the list

Painting the moon

1 Goblin Welder
2 Trinket Mage
4 Magus of the Moon
4 Painter's Servant
1 Ancestral Recall
3 Thirst for Knowledge
2 Pyroblast
3 Red Elemental Blast
4 Force of Will
1 Time Walk
1 Tinker
1 Treasure Cruise
2 Dack Fayden
1 Black Lotus
1 Mana Crypt
1 Mox Emerald
1 Mox Jet
1 Mox Pearl
1 Mox Ruby
1 Mox Sapphire
1 Sensei's Divining Top
1 Sol Ring
2 Grindstone
3 Island
3 Polluted Delta
1 Tolarian Academy
3 Volcanic Island
3 Flooded Strand
1 Snapcaster Mage
2 Cavern of Souls
2 Mental Misstep
1 Blightsteel Colossus
1 Echoing Truth
SB: 3 Ingot Chewer
SB: 4 Sulfur Elemental
SB: 1 Engineered Explosives
SB: 3 Grafdigger's Cage
SB: 2 Tormod's Crypt
SB: 1 Goblin welder
SB: 1 chalice of the void

Pyroclasm, ancient tomb, grim lavamancer were last minute discards. Well, in fact I packed the deck at 1AM and was too sleepy to get them this morning.

1st round Oscar Rubi (4c beatz)
I put him on colorless eldrazi. He mulls to 6, I mull to 5 since i had 0 mana in first hands. he opens with tarmo and T1 confidant. I play trinket for top and then magus. he plays snapcaster in response to magus, and next turn sulfur elemental. I'm already at 7 but top gives me a tinker for BSC and his second tarmo cannot avoid being infected.
I side badly, getting sulfur elementals for REBs,he has a drs and plays sudden shock on my early magus of the moon. 2 elementals got him to 2 while he plays trygon, and a strip mine kills my lone blue source of mana. 2 removals on my elementals are enough to kill me with drs and trygon.
In the third he mulls to 6 while I have 2 fetchlands, crypt, painter, grindstone, reb after a mull with 0 lands. land crypt painter, he plays tarmo, and i play grindstone ftw
2-1 for me, 1-0 in rounds

2nd round Ferran Relat (UWR mentor)
I mull again and he wins the dice. He plays a mentor and I can do little more than play echoing to win a couple of turns before being killed by monks.
I win the second match after a well timed sulfur elemental (that gets quickly removed) and then cotv for 1, which stops him a LOT, despite playing DTT. i play painter and a second sulfur elemental to face his monastery mentor, which is not attacking. a couple of 2/2 join the fight 3 or 4 turns later and the third sulfur elemental clear the path for an aggro win.
In third match he plays again early mentor, while I trinket for top to find something (not sure if explosives where in, probably not). I find tinker before the final blow, but i only have sdt and painter to sacrifice, and I need to tap sdt for the 6th mana source to activate grindstone, or sacrifice it to tinker,as I only have 5. Cannot win and he wins next turn.
1-2 for him, 1-1 in rounds

3rd round Eduard Castro (UWR mentor)
I have really little notes about first match. I know I win the dice and I play a magus after he flusters my ancestral, and he cannot find a blue source after that. Magus kills him slowly and when second magus arrives he scoops.
In second match he is pretty in control with baby jaces, playing up to 4 swords to 2 magus and 2 painters. Welder enters the battlefield and brings back lotus so I can play snapcaster for reb, countering second baby jace and killing the transformed next turn. Then the third painter comboes with a welded grindstone next turn.
2-0 for me, 2-1 in rounds

4th round Marc Bertolin (UWR mentor)
Another mentor deck, all different. He wins the dice. I mull again since I had only 1 mox, but keep a solid hand. He only has sapphire and pearl as mana sources, opens with a delver (misstepped) and he starts discarding few turns later. I can easily assemble painter + grindstone ftw.
I get 4 sulfurs in and chalice, but not explosives. I play magus, which gets removed, and cotv for 1 just after grindstone. I get sulfur elemental and attack a couple of times before he plays snapcaster. I draw second elemental but don't want to trade as I expect him to have mentor in hand. he has very slim library but finds pyromancer in time. I play snapcaster for thirst to survive one more turn, trinket for.... no explosives and next turn sulfur elemental to trade. a couple of elementals kill me. Seing no mentors, I return sulfur elementals to bin for some more combo/control.
In third match I open with early chalice on 1, bait with fayden to play magus, and between magus and chalice he scoops while he is still at 14, despite playing basics.
2-1 for me, 3-1 in rounds

At this point there are 4 players with 10 points, 1 more round (we are 31). I'm 5th with 9 points, and my opponen does not want to pact since he thinks he will be left out with 10 points.

5th round Miquel Alcoriza (Supremacy?)
We both mull, me thinking he is on landstill. He quickly goes up on library and I suffer for several turns, until he wastes 2 fows and 2 blue cards to win a counterwar on a mentor. From that point, I resolve grindstone and welder to get the first match.
I mull to 5 second game, and I manage to be in the game (with T1 thirst) until he plays y.will that allows him to assemble tezz + vault with lotus, ancestral and walk in the middle.
I open third game with T1 magus, matches by his lotus sapphire fetch mountain tezz for top. Second turn grindstone, painter, he cannot do anything and I win in T3.
2-1 for me, 4-1 in rounds

I finish 1st of swiss, and face Miquel Alcoriza (he entered as the first player with 9 points!!!)
I resolve T1 magus, he counters fayden, then I got tinker. Pretty brutal.
In second one he opens with library. I play ancestral on his turn, he plays misdirection, I fow, he missteps and he cannot activate library. Then magus on my turn from the top, with cavern, and he does not play anything else.

T4 Israel Muñoz (TKS MUD)
I have to mull a hand with 2 rebs and misstep. I play grindstone, seeking his revoker so I can play moxen undisturbed (I'm low on mana). He plays sphere, I draw and play solring. He plays TKS taking trinket, I play magus, he plays metamorph on TKS, I play second magus and ~~tolarian ~~ mountain. Then there is a point when I'm at 12, he attacks with 2 4/4 and I have 2 magus and nothing else in hand but a reb. I choose to trade to draw at least 1 card and take a 4/4 out. All people told me later that was a mistake, that I should have blocked with 0-1 magus, but I felt pretty dead unless I killed an eldrazi. I draw a painter in the process but he has more mana and plays tangle and second sphere. So I tap all in the upkeep but solring and sapphire, thinking that if I draw fetch or volcanic I can play painter, survive an attack (as long as I remember he had TKS, revoker, and factory and I'm at 😎 and in my upkeep pyro the revoker and activate grindstone ftw. But I draw walk and lose. have I not blocked with both magus, I would had 4 mana, enough to play painter (not to activate), survive 1 more turn and next turn win on my upkeep. So yeah, it was probably a mistake, but in my mind I had a window to win.
In second match I keep fow x2, island, volcanic, welder, thirst, top. I open with welder, fow this thorn, ravager is ok. T2 island, top. He plays tangle and then I mistake terribly, not realizing by any means that I should weld tangle for thorn (I had only 2 lands and was terrified by thorn). I tap all to tangle, he sacrifices tangle for ravager, plays SOFI, equips and kills my welder. Then I have 4 mana to play magus, trinket or fayden (seen with top). I cannot keep fayden, since I cannot steal ravager and if i steal SOFI i cannot equip to anything. So I play trinket for explosives, but next turn he attacks with factory and ravager (trinket blocks factory but he sacs for ravager), plays triskelion and that's all.

So that's all. I hope i get my lessons learned for next time 🙂 I hope you enjoyed the reading!

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Only thing I'm unsure about here is Magus over the Enchantment. I feel Blood Moon is stronger due to it being harder to remove.

Could be. However consider these advantages:

1-Magus is uncounterable with cavern. I chose to play cavern because it makes 7 humans uncounterable or welder/painter in corner cases.

2-Cavern also counts as volcanic 4th, 5th for magus, while blood moon wouldn't. I don't own 4th volcanic or scaldings to choose different manabase 😛

2-Magus attacks. That's pretty relevant in more matches that you can think.

3-As stupid as it seems, magus sometimes draws removal that is not going to painter. Often magus is the bait, and painter who wins vía combo.

4-Thorn, thalia tax blood moon, but not magus.

On the other side, blood moon is harder to remove. But moon, as effective as it is, it's not the main plan of the deck, so I choose easier casting and combat damage over durability.

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Great report. And I love the deck list and metagame choice... Really pretty brilliant.

(Eres hablante nativo de espanol, no? Nunca me dio cuenta antes... Escribes ingles casi como si fueras nativo, y escribes bien en cualquier idioma.)


Thanks for the kind words. However, my English is barely decent to high standards (I just had to edit last message to fix some mistakes), but I try to write as fine as possible to keep a good grammar level.

And according the list, I don't deserve full credit.I bought into painters after getting the cards from a guy that was selling a BSC quite cheap (I only had sphinx and inkwell, since I seldom play tinker). That was probably just before Eldrazi explosion. Then, Eldrazi exploded, crushed my bomberman, and I had to chose a different deck.

My first choice was Salvagers Oath, since I tried a Rituals Oath but couldn't play it well (pretty interesting deck IMHO, but I lack enough skill to play it. Most awesome part was the doomsday side, that skips all oath hate). I'm used to bomberman, so adding oath helps the eldrazi pairing, while still doing what bomberman does.

I got a 0-5 in rounds, getting crushed even with mox, orchard, oath starts. And then I saw this article: link textThe article is not new, and it was not written for vintage. However it points clearly the advantages of Painter (which I wanted to try) and moons (which I played for years and I'm a big fan) against eldrazi. Being curious, I found that list of a LCV player link text As you can see my list is barely a copy of his, with these changes:

-1 goblin welder (it's not always great, more like a silver bullet)
-1 brainstorm (great card, but I chose mm over it. could be wrong)
-1 ponder (same)
-3 thoughtcast (I don't play enough artifacts and it's a sorcery)
-1 mox opal (don't own it)
-1 mountain (without scalding does not make sense)
-3 seat of the synod (don't want to play thoughtcast)
-4 scalding tarn (don't own them)

-1 ingot chewer (I chose second welder)
-1 dack fayden (mud is not all around now)


+1 snapcaster mage (not all star, but often second ancestral, and at the very worst another reb or thirst. susprise blocking is awesome)
+2 thirst for knowledge (now it's unrestricted! can keep mana open for rebs)
+2 mental misstep (maybe they should be brainstorm and ponder...)
+2 island (I'm not confortable at all with 1 island if I play moons)
+2 polluted delta (I own them)
+3 flooded strand (I own them)
+2 cavern of souls (I love caverns in bomberman, why not in painters?. could be a mistake, but I'm mostly happy with them)

+1 goblin welder (when it's good. it's really good)
+1 chalice of the void (awesome in certain matches. all trinket decks but bomberman should play it)

In my initial list there was a mana vault over second fayden, but after one tournament 2 weeks ago, it got replaced. Now it's even closer to initial list, and while I could fit another blue source, or brainstorm/ponder to avoid so much mulligans, I was quite happy (and lucky to draw explosive starts)

My question is how you get to round 5 of a small tournament and not know exactly what your opponent is on?

@Soly The quick answer is that I'm a bad player and don't make proper scouting. The long answer is that Miquel is often on heavy control builds (no landstill though), and I understood that two people were talking about him playing Landstill (it turned that it was his opponent that round). besides, I was pretty sure I could draw intentionally if I was 3-1, but had 0 chances if I was 2-2, so I wasn't expecting to play last round. In fact it turned that even losing, he entered top 8.

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