{SCD} Cards like Quirion Dryad

So I've been searching through cards similar to Quirion Dryad and I found out that theres a new printing of it that's like Lorescale Coatl except it keeps the counters.

I believe the card is 1G, 1GG, 2G, or 1GU, 2U, 1UU.

I know it's a new card, but I checked mtgsalvation and found no luck as to what it is. Can someone please help me find this card to complete my Gush based decks?


Not really like Dryad but i guess you talk about Managorger Hydra

Nope not Coatl, Managorger Hydra or Chasm Skulker.

It ether gets +1/+1 until end of turn like a Prowess Creature would or it gets counters.

@Shax do you know what set its from?

No Idea but I know it's Standard legal. It was on the front page of mtgsalvation right before the new eldrazi cards came out.

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Not Thing in Ice, but your about as close as you can get to it so far.

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@Shax only other cards i can find are elusive spellfist and jhesian thief

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I finally found the card I was looking for. It's out of Ixalan called :

Deeproot Champion.

It can actually see play in GAT decks that want more than 3 colors since it's for all non-creature spells.

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@shax said in {SCD} Cards like Quirion Dryad:

[it's] like Lorescale Coatl except it keeps the counters.

For what it's worth, Lorescale Coatl keeps its counters. Go hog wild

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