Demonic Consultation in Doomsday

Currently wondering why Demonic Consultation is not an auto-include in any Doomsday list? Seems like a no-brainer as a 1-of... sorting out which 5 cards you need and in what order seems far less good on the occasion you have mana, Lab Man, a cantrip and Demonic Consultation in your hand, or a tutor for any of those pieces. In any occasion it's safe to go off with a Doomsday, it's safe to slam DC and deck yourself.

I'm waiting to try out Doomsday for myself, missing a couple cards.

Am I missing something essential about the interactions here that makes this unplayable? Anyone who's tested it enough?

I think it's pretty bad since you can exile all your wincons with it or make a winning pile unachievable...

@fsecco I mean, with Lab Man in play and a cantrip in hand, you fetch up or cast Demonic Consultation, naming Samite Healer or Hunted Wumpus, deck yourself, and cantrip into a win. An alternate wincon if you have Lab Man/cantrip in hand and only need to fetch Doomsday to get your deck down to 5 cards.

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@Dumpsterac1d Yeah, but that's a pretty specific scenario. You need to have Lab Maniac in play and be able to protect him. You can't Consult turn 1 or 2 to win, so I don't think it's reliable. This is the Commander player in you talking 😛 (it worked fine in Duel Commander Olodo Doomsday when you could Tainted Pact for the win with Lab Man in play).

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I'm not for making it the only wincon, there is still the main Doomsday plan, but it seems less fragile, or at the very least equally fragile a plan to cast three-four spells to win as opposed to 5 or 6 in certain scenarios. It's also an Instant, which means if you have instant-speed cantrips in your hand + Demonic Consultation and someone tries to get rid of your Lab Man, or literally anything, you can just go off on the stack. It makes it possible to win on your opponent's turn, on the stack. I can think of a few scenarios where DC would be just plain better to fetch up than Doomsday, and having the option seems worth the slot. It could definitely also be a part of Doomsday stacks to get to the bottom of your deck without having to cantrip to get there.

Other modifications to the deck would probably include running 2 more Lab Mans so the likelihood of drawing it off the top is higher.

demonic consultation is a pretty underestimated stuff.go test it,and you will succeed!

@Dumpsterac1d You don't want any cards that are literal do-nothings unless another card is in play. That's the thing about doomsday, all your cards either win the game (tendrils, Lab Maniac), are Doomsday, or lead to winning or not losing the game. Demonic Consultation does NONE of these.

i think the biggest reason is that if lab man is in play and you protect him it is great, but when you are behind, trying to get a doomsday with it may end up exiling lab man, its a risky card and can lead to you not being able to win at all.

Just a quick word, I think some folks who read this are assuming DC will be used to search up a Doomsday, or anything in the deck at all. Demonic Consultation can be used to deck yourself if you name a card not in your deck. You flip over your whole deck, failing to find the card you named, then Probe or Gush with Lab Man in play. If you Probe or Duress before doing it and the coast is clear, it takes two spells to secure the win. You can win when your opponent is holding Mindbreak Trap, for example.

I think it's a good idea to not put situationally dead cards in Doomsday or combo in general, but against certain bad matchups I can see DC being better than Doomsday. Anyone tested with it in the past? I dont have the ability to at the moment.

One situation is if your opponent is running 8-12 spheres in their deck and you literally can't combo off with Doomsday and just need to get rid of your deck... Seems like a pretty likely scenario

I think everyone understood that. The thing is Consultation is not a reliable card by itself (you can't tutor for Doomsday, for example) and for it to serve as a wincon you must have already resolved a Lab Maniac (a 1-of) and be able to protect him. So... not a good proposition IMO.

@Dumpsterac1d That scenario is insanely unlikely. If you're casting Laboratory Maniac without casting the Doomsday, you're in bad shape. You should be keeping that shitter in your hand to remove to Force of Will.

But what do I know? I have only played Doomsday variations since 2004.

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