I'm just curious, and knocking around a couple ideas I have... I'm wondering what people think about Cockatrice, or other non-Moto, online Magic playing programs... How many of you use anything like this? Even to test... Does anyone have any objections to them?


I'm on regular on cockatrice as are many others from TMD. I use it strictly for play tests and tweaking decks.

I'm not a regular in cockatrice, but I connect from time to time, specially to test decks prior to tournaments (I never play paper magic outside tournaments). You can find some trolls, people that barely know how to play magic, but often you can play decent magic, usually with casual rules. Don't get mad if you play a creature using cavern, opponent plays fow, you point cavern, and they return fow to their hand... Or don't blame me if I tinker for colossus instead tinkering for vault with key in play 😛

i use cockatrice a lot, but only because i dont have the money yet to buy into it on moto, if i had the money i would go with vintage on moto but for now i use cockatrice.

I use xmage, which has rules automation.

I was just looking at xmage when I was updating my client. How good is the automation? The automation with MTGO is what stops me from getting in. Dragon and Salvagers isn't possible to play, let alone the pain in the ass clock.

I guess if you get used to playing on Cockatrice you are all set. All you need to is find some Vintage players (seems there are plenty).
I from time to time play a match but even though I used to play on Cockatrice I can't concentrate on the game that well and mess up and that is why I rather play on MODO. but I wanted to try xmage to see the difference (haven't done that yet)

People usually play 'casually' so if there is something strange happening it is usually your opponent changing mind about his play or something similar and players do not tell you that your life total is supposed to be different or something. I usually add counters/change life with delay because I can't play properly on Cockatrice.

So to answer your question I have nothing against Cockatrice. It's all about the players.

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