Hey all, I'm new to the site and to vintage. Looking for some feedback on my unpowered OmniTell list from those of you who play vintage. I plan to play eternal weekend in the unpowered tier. I love OmniTell and playing cool cards. My main goal is to have fun but sometimes winning can be fun! Thanks for looking!

Show and Tell x4
Omniscience x4
Emrakul x3
Cunning Wish x2
Demonic Tutor
Vampiric Tutor
Mystical Tutor
Gifts Ungiven
Noxious Revival
Day's Undoing x3
Gush x2
Force of Will x4
Mental Misstep x4
Flusterstorm x2
Chrome Mox x4
Mana Crypt
Sol Ring
Lotus Petal
Ancient Tomb x4
City of Traitors x2
Polluted Delta x4
Underground Sea x2
Island x4

Plan A is Show and Tell obviously. Plan B is put a bunch of mana on the board and Day's Undoing and fight a counter war after pitching to Chrome Mox and what not.

Forgot the sideboard duh!

Grafdigger's Cage x3
Defense Grid x3
Pithing Needle
Firemind's Foresight
Eladamri's Call
Release the Ants
Hurkyl's Recall
Mindbreak Trap
Gifts Ungiven

I'm not sure how good Gush would be with so many Sol lands. What you are playing instead is up to you.

Thoughts on Yawgmoth's Bargain and/or Griselbrand?

@msg67183 I've definitely considered a Griselbrand over an Emrakul cuz drawing seven seems real good (a la Day's Undoing). I think I will do that. My only reservation is StP. The format seems less able to deal with Emrakul than Griselbrand.

First: trust @msg67183 , gush is not good with sol lands.

Second: if you are not playing any power, chrome mox is not a good replacement. Take advantage of your position and play null rods instead (though null rods are not at their peak now).

Third: plan B is not a plan. You cannot win a game by winning counterwars. If any, snapcaster is the plan B, but seems a weak plan.

Fourth: good luck with the list, learn through playing and post here your results 🙂

@xouman I meant fight over Day's Undoing. I don't care if I spend all my cards to make it resolve. There's gifts and Intuition packages as an alternate plan. Most lists I see with 2 gush have around 6 islands which is what I have.

@ShowMeThatOmni Most lists have 12-14 Islands, but are under the guise of fetchlands.

Full disclosure, I don't know much about unpowered vintage combo so there might be things I'm missing. I see what you're going for here, and there are parts that make sense. There are a lot of "internal tensions" in the deck that are no doubt going to make it really clunky over the long run. People have pointed out the discord already, between Gush/the relative lack of islands, and the inclusion of Sol lands. (Maybe just consider Preordain in the slots occupied by Gush)

I think the deck could due to just be simplified. The cards like Snapcaster, and Noxious Revival seem out of place. I understand the role they potentially play in combo finishes, but I feel like without power, more direct play might be where you want to be.

I suggest trying Boseiju in place of the Sol lands. Cutting some number of Day's Undoing for plain old Jace/Dig/Treasure Cruise.... (Keeping in mind that Dig and Cruise get very good with Boseiju and with Omniscience) and trading in the Snapcaster and Revival and Wishes for plain old Thoughtseizes... It seems like if you find a way to cast an Emrakul and take the extra turn, you really should be winning the vast majority of those games. I would just make the deck about doing that as often as possible.

You could also include Tolarian Academy pretty easily in this thing.

I see almost no green here, but any deck with 3 Emrakul, to me, is just crying out to have a Channel added to it.

@Topical_Island said:

I see almost no green here, but any deck with 3 Emrakul, to me, is just crying out to have a Channel added to it.

That was going to be my final point, but it left my mind. 3 emrakul = channel now and forever.

@xouman Amen brother... I have it in my Oath deck with a singleton spaghetti monster, and the amount of random world ending Channeling that goes on is pretty amazing.

Someone should've taught this green spell to Nahiri. Would have saved her a lot of trouble..

I tried channel and cut it. Between fetches, my own spells, thoughtseize, orchard tokens, and just the damage my opponent is trying to inflict, I rarely have 15 life to cast Emrakul. turn 1 with double green, i can see it stealing a win, but on turn 5 or 6 it is often a dead topdeck.

@Thewhitedragon69 That's really interesting... I think that's a good example of an effect caused by this being unpowered. It's just too slow without the Moxen to make use of Channel? That brings me to the card Elvish Spirit Guide... should some of those go in for Chrome Mox?

If you want an unpowered deck, a blue combo control deck is the worse possible choice, these decks are really reliant on artifact mana and such. Usually the only way unpowered decks compete is by hating on others people power cards with things like null rod. I think you should probably take a look at humans or jaco's eldrazi list for competitive unpowered alternatives.

@Macdeath Right, but come on, this is insane to begin with... embrace the madness... (hmmm madness... basking rootwalla?)

Drop Emrakul to two and you need at least 3x and probably 4x Intuition to make it work.

I would just replace the 2 gush with dig thru time and treasure cruise and for the three days undoing I would throw in tinker, mana vault, and blightsteel. I would also drop something for a memory jar. Looks good.

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I would likely cut gush for something like preordain or probe. You really cannot support it with that mana base where you are using sol lands.

Since you are playing unpowered you need to maximize your free spells, so the spirit guides are an attractive option, and in an eldrazi meta have real benefits over moxen. Since you have no moxen, you may also want to consider running a COTV as well since the disruption it provides on 0 could be very useful for you. Other non conventional choices could include running something like disrupting shoal or Mindbreak trap, meta dependent.

I would very much considering dropping Days undoing in favor of other draw 7 cards that are just better. If you run simian spirit guide and fetches, Wheel of Fortune is a powerhouse, and windfall makes a lot of sense. Obviously Timetwister if you can get one, but if you plan on staying totally unpowered I still would not run days undoing.

You may want to diversify your wincons to more than just emrakul and add a piece of removal. If you Show and tell and Omniscience and they play a meddling mage naming Emrakul or a Sanctum Prelate on 15, you just lost the game unless you are lucky with release the ants. Grapeshot or Temporal fissure in the wishboard could work.

I'd play one griselbrand and one emrakul, maybe a bargain too but honestly gris is where you want to be.

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