Vintage 101: Riders on the Storm

Had enough of the Eldrazi? This week, Islandswamp talks all about an exciting combo deck: Dark Petition Storm!

Blake Rasmussen's write-up on the mothership:

"While the Vintage-playing community might be small, I firmly believe that the Vintage-reading community is significantly larger. Like people who read lifestyle magazines or watched Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (or Cribs for those of you who are younger), we all want to at least read about Vintage. Robin Leach would have played Vintage. Or whoever hosted Cribs."

I find this hilarious and slightly disturbing at the same time.

@Ked Where is this from? I want to read it. I think he's the one who does the daily update, and I was mentioned in that a few weeks ago.

I think it's pretty funny to compare Vintage to the lifestyles of the rich and famous. I kind of understand the reference. People are always balking at the Vintage decks 20K price tags listed on MTGGoldfish.
I guess even the MTGO decks are very expensive. I'm not rich nor famous though, and it took a long time until I had a Vintage deck online.
Anyway, if you could get that link it would be great.

@Ked I found it. Looks like I made the update again. Thanks for sharing,

@Islandswamp I find it funny because although I suppose I was aware of the conspicuous consumption aspect to MTG (the fully foiled-out decks etc.) I hadn't really considered the possibility that people might view a whole format in that way or even enjoy the vicarious experience they get from reading about or watching other (rich and famous?!) people playing with power. I find it a little disturbing because although I realise that he is joking here this seems to be pretty much the opposite to reality in many ways. I mean, I love the VSL but it's hardly the Pro Tour! And how many other groups of (competitive) Magic players talk so openly about proxies?

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the articles as well - they are a big part of the reason I decided to get into Vintage online.

@Ked Oh I get that stuff all the time. I tell people around my local card shops that I play vintage and they look at me askance and go... oooooo, an Vintage player. (Which totally sucks, and is hilarious because my deck looks like I found it in a hole somewhere. I'm a public school teacher so I've had to cobble it together over the course of years... I just think Vintage is the best. I can't even watch Standard I'm sorry to say... but the cards are pretty.)

@Topical_Island If you look at my articles, the paper price listed for the decks is just obscene to be perfectly honest. Granted those prices are somewhat high, I assume that price is what it would cost to buy each card in near mint condition. With trading and accepting worn cards you could probably get something for less money. Still it is quite a bit.
I wonder if anyone has ever put $20,000 on their credit card all at once just for a Magic deck? It seems unlikely, but I don't know.

@Islandswamp cough cough... proxy tourney... cough

@Topical_Island sure, I mention that all the time in my articles.
Still a lot of people either don't want to play with basic lands covered in sharpie or they still think proxy tourneys are banned. A guy behind the counter at a local store still thought proxies were vehemently disallowed from the last confusion

@Islandswamp Nor do I. I would be happy to buy these cards if they were reprinted. Unfortunately the policy is to favor hoarders over players, which really really damages the best format in magic. It is really the worst part of the game... as a game.

Imagine me beating you in Chess because my father bought me 4 queens in 1995, and you don't own any. This one aspect, more than any other, holds back Vintage Magic from being a world class game.

I prefer laser jet printouts glued to homelands cards btw... who knew that Homelands would someday prove to be the most important set in terms of Vintage Magic?

Getting off topic, but rather than gluing, I just buy the full sheet avery labels and stick em to commons.

Ive been playing FFGs netrunner, and I am really coming around to the LCG model. I wish it was a little slower coming out, but I like buying all the pieces and knowing its about my deckbuilding and playing ability and not my wallet.

I have seen paying 8.000€ for an alpha P9 about 30 months ago. Not in one single payment, but probably 50% upfront and few payments in the next months.

I paid 2.500€ for P8 (unlimited) around that time. No credit needed luckily (I don't have too much expenses).

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