Looking for other TMD'ers who were around pre 2007

Just trying to find some of the people I'd been talking to regularly from back in the day.

I've already managed to find a few, like Travis, Evenpence, Emildn, and a few others. I can only assume Smennen, Rich Shay, Brassman and the like are still here.

Hoping we have some of the other old guns still around. Team Blitzkrieg is still lurking around here in force, hopefully we have more of the Meandeck, GWS, and other old friends still around.

I'm here man. Jeff Folinus. AJ Grasso. Seth Levy. The Forinos. There are bunch of guys.

Still here... Or back.... Depending on when in 2007

I've been trying to stop coming here since 2003 and I haven't been successful yet.

Was N.Y. Wizard on BDominia, and Prospero on the original TMD.

Welcome back.

I've been Dave Kaplan for what seems like my entire life.

getting banned since 2003

According to the archive site, I registered in February 2007, although I was definitely lurking in early 2006.


2007 is nothing, there are BD folks still active on this board! I kinda miss the Dutch contingent. Watching this community evolve has been fascinating.

Still here, same name. I took a couple year break from 203 to 2007, was pretty active from 98-2003. Back and enjoying it:)

Was on the boards in 2006-2007, helped create the mono red Control shops

@Jostin123 very cool, what was your name back then? If you had stuff to do with shops you would have definitely seen me around, I was all over the shop threads.

Red shops was my baby, scg published my primer article on mono red Uba stax back in 06.

@Brass-Man it's hard to stay away, and we all really appreciate what you did to keep TMD up and running. Vintage has been an important part of my life since I started playing Shops in 03, and TMD was always at the Center of it for me

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I was very active around this time, I remember your username from a bunch of discussions. I used to go by JDawg here on the old site. There was a Workshop Affinity deck that I had a major hand in creating in the 2004(?) timeframe. Disappeared from the scene shortly after that.

I always wanted 5 color uba to be a thing back in the day. I remember some of our convos about that.

I have been here off and on since bdominia. Used to be a pretty avid Sui Black player back then.

sup yall. i'm not really back just dropping in to say hi. hope you're all doing well.

@nataz 5cuba stax is definitely more of a thing now than before, as chalice is restricted so you have more room and synergy with the broken stuff. Let's not forget we have 8 city of brass and don't need Gemstone Mine anymore

That being said something about Cavern of Souls protecting Goblin Welder from Mental Mistep and Force of Will is too much of a draw to mono red for me

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