Old-School (93/94) Sub-forum

This was something I had asked for a while back when discussing what the new website could have. I honestly do not know how popular this would be, but a lot of users of TMD do tend to play 93/94 as well. Having a separate to discuss stuff on this format would be awesome. A single sub-forum would probably be enough.

This would be fantastic. Sometimes its nice to bounce janky ideas off other old school mages.

I'd appreciate somewhere to discuss 93/94 (having little opportunity to play). Perhaps with a central place for discussion, there may be a move to a more regularised legal-set and banned/restricted list (or at least an understanding of pros/cons).

Just checking in on this! I realize you most certainly have your hands full with the website, but adding a new sub-forum shouldn't be too difficult to do, assuming you think this is a good idea. Would any indicator as to how long it might take be available?

Is there a way to click someone's post or icon in a thread and open a chat with them (like the message function in the old TMD)? If not, that might be a good thing to have when you get a chance.

Edit, sorry, thought this was the feature request thread. I'm very inept with the interwebs it appears.

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