The Vintage Community Calendar

Hey all,

After some work, I've got a Google calendar populating with paper US Vintage events (International and Online ones in the near future). It's all at a glance type stuff, but it's nice to see everything in relation.

If you want to add an event to your own calendar, you can click Copy Event, like the below screen shot.
alt text

If you've got questions, comments, or concerns, reply here or tweet '@darkr3x' or '@CMTYCalendarMTG'

See you all at an event soon!

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Daily events are now up! Will add other online events in the near future, getting the recur script to work took most of my time this evening.

Will you be adding small store run events?
If so, how do I get mine added?


@Krieg Yup, it is a community calendar, and that means everyone. I'll add anything I see here, but you can also submit events to my form:

@darkr3x I submitted an event. It's not a Vintage event, but I hope you don't mind including it. It's a charity event that I'm organizing for a friend of mine that passed away last year. All are welcome to attend.

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@revengeanceful Got it, doing some formatting but it will be up in a bit.

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