Vintage 101: New York Stax Exchange

For this week's article I wrote about NYSE IV. I hope you all enjoy it. Congrats to the champ @Montolio , way to go buddy.
Thanks to Nick for putting the event on and helping with deck lists, and thanks to everyone else who helped.

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Thanks for the article. A couple small points:

"If Sudden Shock is utilized correctly, the Mentor player will only be able to get at most one Monk token out of the exchange."

Obviously I understand what you mean, but this is not correct. When I know my opponent has sudden shocks I will often wait to play a mentor under I can play a sorcery, hold priority, and respond with an instant.

"Playing six rounds means that you'll face a broader range of decks"

The event was 8 rounds with a cut to top8.

I thought it was great that we had a modo finals in a premier paper event.

I knew the event was more than six rounds, I don't know how I missed that. Thanks for reading.

@diophan I guess my point was that on an MTGO daily event you could get away with a more narrow sideboard because there's a decent chance you'll just miss any one specific match up. Making a sideboard for a large paper event has to be much more difficult in my opinion.


This was supposed to be in the articles section. Posting via smartphone somehow caused me to make that error.

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