Site Outage Information! .... what to do when the site is down

Hey guys! If you tried to log in yesterday, you probably noticed that the site was down! It was a database issue which has since been resolved, and I don't believe there was any loss of data.

I just wanted to use this opportunity to discuss what you should do in the event of a future site outage!

If the site is down and I'm aware of it, I'll do three things:

I may not be able to do those things immediately, especially putting up the maintenance page, which I'm unable to do if I don't have my laptop or home computer near me.

If the site is down and I haven't done any of those things, I might not know yet, so feel free to contact me through:

keep in mind if the site is down, I'm probably panicking and scrambling to fix it, or worrying about not being able to fix it until I get to a computer - so I may not respond to you directly, especially if I'm already aware of the issue.

Thanks for your patience!

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It's all good. Thanks for letting us know! I know it's a tough job, and I think you've done a great job with everything!
On the downside, I linked to the TMD thread about the NYSE breakdown so that people could read my article tonight and find the complete metagame analysis. When they were editing my article they removed the link thinking it was permanently broken. I'll email them about it. It was just bad timing on my part really.

"What to do when the site is down.."

...get out your deck and goldfish.

Andy, I think you meant "obsessively go back and forth between TMD and Facebook, run into the error message a million times, hope that nobody found any other errors with the NYSE event/report/coverage, eventually decide that you need to get off your damn phone/computer/laptop, go to bed, wake up in the morning and see that nothing else was wrong and decide that you need to be less paranoid/obsessive".

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@Prospero haha, yeah, timing was less than ideal

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