I have a process improvement for magic the gathering. Instead of have many cards restricted to 1 copy, why not have three levels of restriction? Three restricted (only 3 in main deck + sideboard), two restricted, and 1 restricted would benefit the game significantly.

A perfect example can be seen in the 2015 vintage championships. In 2014 and 2015 oath won. The oath deck has a good matchup for a huge percentage of the meta namely workshop, dredge, delver + other decks. In a decent match, it is likely that the oath player has two oath and a force of will in the opening hand. You must have two force of wills to prevent the first oath, and therefore probably no gas for the second. Oath is a bit imbalanced because it is very consistent and way too fast. However, if we 3 restrict oath of druids, it would be more balanced.

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one problem i see with this is trying to keep up with the levels of restriction, and then trying to figure what needs to go up or down in the restriction, but it be fun. if you were in charge what would some of the cards be restricted to?

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@Winterstar this thread was double-posted, and people got to both threads before I was able to delete one. you might be looking for http://themanadrain.com/topic/357/a-game-balance-suggestion

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