Has anyone considered this playable? It seems a reasonable include in the Mentor decks with any of Vryn's Prodigy, Snapcaster, or Yawg's Will.

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Its 2 mana to get 1 card. 5 mana to get an effect that is even comparable to Fact or Fiction, which costs 4. The efficiency simply isn't there.

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@vaughnbros it is similar to thirst at 3

I initially had the same thought you guys did - hey, it's not that bad, it's like Fact or Fiction, right?

Wrong. It's Steam Augury. The critical problem with this card is that you make the piles, then the OPPONENT chooses which one you get. This card is garbage water.

@MaximumCDawg right, when you play will/snap/welder or similar they don't really make the choice

@wfain Nothing close to thirst. Thirst you can pitch a card that is already in your hand. You also want to be the one to choose what is binned regardless if you have snappy/welder/ect. or not. For instance, I specifically want to bin my high CC with a Welder out, everything else I'd prefer to draw.
@MaximumCDawg You are correct your opponent deciding the pile, likely makes it dramatically worse.

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